Autobots Transform!

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Bojan, MTH, Shuji, Donny and I went to see the movie last night. Worth every single cent. I'm writing a review, but the Cybertron update couldn't wait. Updates coming up. Enjoy!

New Template

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Booyaka-sha! - reckognize, I is 'ere wit de GAMEREYES massive - now, you be down wit dis bloggin bizniz - tell me.. how you peeps like whole new look tii'ing, aiii? Does I give you that sensation down your crotches? Complimints of Mr.D, check it. (de orrible fing on the side has nut'ing to do wit me)

Miss Video Games FTW !!

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What type of Miss do we have in our world ? Miss World ? Miss Universe ? Miss Malaysia ? Missy Elliot ? Anyway cut the crap. Rejoice fellow gamers. There is a new Miss in town !! Enter Miss Video Game.

So what is the "Miss Video Game" is all about ? The title should be enough to explain it. They (the organizers) are seeking a girl to become the role model for the video game industry. Their mission is to assist in the proliferation of females in gaming genres of all types, help raise awareness of the female gaming audience among game publishers and advertisers, and to make the gaming industry take women gamers seriously and also treat them with respect as equals. It also noted that they created the Miss Video Game to showcase the female gaming talent and marketable female gamers to gaming publishers and industry decision-makers as well as the gaming community as a whole.

They are a lot of contestants and only 50 girls make it to the finals. It was determined by an online voting system. 50 girls has already been chosen and out of all of them, I can say that 70% is truly gorgeous and can make the models a run for their money. Here is my top 10 list of the nominees.

"Helene #46, 22, France. A gun-trotting babe that loves Counter-Strike and Tomb Raider"

"Jaana #18, 23, United States. Any ninja chic for sure will get my attention !!"

"Nathalie #27, 19, Switzerland. This is a gamer that you can also bring to parties"

"Nikole #34, 19, United States. No comments, just admire the picture"

"Adi #19, 19, Australia. A nice and pretty looking girl gamer, grrr!"

"Alice #32, 21, United States. She is from the team, Schroet Kommando Girls"

"Anya Savvateeva #2, 21, Russian Federation. An angel in Counter-Strike ?"

"Eli #48, 16, Germany. An innocent sexy girl that are into FPS type games"

"Fleur #12, 22, Netherlands. A stylish girl gamer who likes Battlefield a bit too much!"

"Lauren #1, 19, United States. The one girl who rule them all!!"

So what do you guys think of the contestants for the Miss Video Game ? To see the other contestants, goals, mission statements and press releases, you guys can head on to this website. Lastly, Miss Video Game FTW (For The Win) !!

I have been a gamer since my high school days, during the 56.6 k (the connection speed at that time provided by the infamous TMnet and also Jaring) era. It sux so much back then when you want to play online games especially Counter-Strike, the hottest game at that time. Luckily, some folks realize the potential of online gaming in Malaysia thus created a server for Counter-Strike. I think there were 2 servers at that time, one is from gamesLAH and another one is from TMnet. Fragging online had never been fun before the introduction of those 2 servers. But still, that time, those kids with rich parents obviously owns in these servers because they have the faster ISDN connection (also from the infamous TMnet) compared to the other people’s average 56.6 modem connection. Still, the fun is there and it had made countless kids wake up late for school!

Fast forward, to the present day, not much have changed. Our internet connection improved but hey, it is still at the same state. We got 1mbps (ermm, also from TMnet) broadband and maybe some lucky dudes get 2-4mpbs but compared to the rest of the world, this is a joke. Hey, the speed is quite ok actually even if it’s a bit more expensive than the other countries but it is not as good as it looks like. The connection is not stable and it jerks once in a while but the most important thing, connection with the outside world, plain sux. Recently, its more noticeable with more and more online games available to us, Malaysians. A game like World of Warcraft does not benefit us that much. We can only dream for our own servers just like the Aussies.

"Lucifer from MeetYourMakers (MYM) Warcraft III Team"

Nowadays, gaming is not just for the kids who want to waste their time, adults who wish to have fun or release their stress, or the oldies that dun have anything else to do except punching the buttons on the game pad. Gaming has becoming a sport of its own hence the word, cyber sport. It has evolved into a competitive state where people can survive with gaming. They can earn money and keep on living just by playing games. But does this option available in Malaysia? Sadly no. People still playing games for fun here in Malaysia.

But a lot of things have changed in Malaysia. There is some competitive scene here and there. With the World Cyber Gaming involvement and some major/minor tournaments held around Malaysia, there seem to be some hope for us, Malaysian gamers. If only more big companies support the gaming scene then it will truly become true, a competitive gaming scene in Malaysia! Malaysia have produce some big names in games like Counter-Strike and Warcraft (Dota All-Stars and melee) but when they have the chance to compete against another country, they don’t seem to perform well. It all leads back to the starting point, INTERNET CONNECTION!!

"Fnatic, a competitive counter-strike clan"

Why does the connection play a big role in competitive gaming besides sponsors from big companies? To become good in anything, you need experience and exposure. Does this ring a bell? Duh, to compete in major tournaments that involve other countries beside Malaysia, the competitors must know how other peoples play the game like example, whats their tactics and strategies or how do they manage their team and their teamwork in the game. We can learn a lot if only we have the same fair of opportunity like them. For starters, a fast and stable connection will enable Malaysian gamers to have friendly matches with the other countries and thus gain experience from them.

"Spawn from the famed counter-strike team, Schroet Kommando (SK)"

Gaming for a living (competitive gaming) in Malaysia will only become true if some (best if all) of the things I listed below happen in Malaysia.

- A fast and stable connection for the gamers so that they are able to have friendly matches, join online tourneys, actively training in a competitive state like the other countries for example, Korea and Sweden.

- Major companies like Intel, Amd or Dell sponsor teams in Malaysia. This will motivate them and they can concentrate more on gaming because their living depends on it.

- Government support of the gaming scene. Not just the major tournaments that will benefit them in term of money, but also the small tournaments.

- Bury the ‘gaming is bad for kids’ thinking.

- More tournaments held, be it by online or offline. A league will definitely bring in more interest from the community.

- A lot of coverage on the gaming scene especially on the television and newspaper.

There are also a lot of other facts to be taken account but for starters, this is enough for our lovely Malaysia.

"An online gaming clan, tDs"