If you feel that the Japanese are weird especially when it comes to games show, culture, and of course, video game, well, it appears that the Koreans is not far behind. After surfing the net for some weird games, I've come across a game made by a South Korean company called Taff System that is quite bizarre. Ever heard of Boong-Ga Boong-Ga ?

" The leet Boong-Ga Boong-Ga poster "

So whats the game all about ? The main objective of the game is to spank or perform kancho (anal probing) on a fake butt attached to the Boong-Ga Boong-Ga machine. You can do it by using the plastic finger that is also attached to it. There is about 8 characters that you can choose to anal-probe which is ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, gangster, mother-in-law, gold-digger, prostitute, child molester, and con artist.

" The man and the machine "

After you probe your target, their facial expression will be displayed on the screen. It is indeed satisfying to see the person's face that you just probe. After all the action, the machine will give you 1 card that will show your sexual behavior ratings. If you perform exceptionally well, you will be awarded with a small plastic trophy in the shape of pile of feces.

" A guy anal-probing his target "

" This is the mascot of the game, you know what it is "

Now you get the idea yea ? How weird and bizarre is that ? This is not your normal average arcade machine that you can found anywhere except in Japan and Korea. Heck, the game even got highly praised at the Tokyo Game Show in April 2ooo. So guys, if you have some weird concept or idea for a game, you know where to go and market it.

Are you OK ?

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I'm currently at the office right now. After about 1 week of working, I've felt that I'm not prepared for work, not yet, not now. But life goes on.

" I don't even have time to play game nowadays "

Help Dota Allstars get into WCG !!

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Guys, DotA-Allstars needs your help!

Almost all the gamer in the world know what the World Cyber Games is for, but for some unfortunate soul who dont know, WCG is one of the biggest ESports event with participants from around the world. There is about 12 titles to be obtained by pwning each other for glory and gold (cash).

Out of all the 12 games offered, sadly, Dota is not included. Eventhough there is a vote to include other games, Dota is still not an option. The closest Dota ever get into WCG is the WCG 2007 Asean Championship. This has got to change. For a start, you can help Dota Allstars by writing an e-mail to ICM, the company behind WCG, and freaking ask them to include Dota in the World Cyber Games (please write in a manner way).

" The recent WCG 2007 Asean Championship "

So, if you guys are interested to help Dota Allstars, please proceed to the official website for more info. If you're really a hardcore Dota gamer, then the first thing that you should have in your mind right now is to figure what you want to write in your e-mail.

[ via Dota Allstars ]

Have you started work ? Or are you searching for a job ? You know, using cuff links can alter your image completely especially if you are a gamer. Cufflinks have a few designs up their sleeve for those who are into high tech stuffs and try to guess what you guys can find in there that can best match a gamer.

" What kind of design that can suit us gamers ? "

Well, one thing for sure, it won't attract everyone in the gaming scene. This is because, everyone has their own preferences in life and a video game machine doesn't escape the list. So, if you love the PlayStation brand from Sony then you should fall in love very quickly with the cufflink below.

" The design is inspired by the PlayStation controller "

" The cufflink in action "

Well, if you have the money, just go to the Cufflinks website and get yourself a pair of this fine design. A bit warning though, it is not that cheap. Think wisely.