The Cheat inside Juno

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If you have watched the movie Juno, you must have heard the song that is played at the end of the movie. It is a an abbreviated version of a song by the "Moldy Peaches".

" The poster for Juno "

Apparently, the full song contained a cheat that is considered a master cheat that works with almost all the games that are under the roof of Konami. The cheat can also be used for the game "The Orange Box". The cheat is "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start".

" You can summon the lightning to help you with this cheat or maybe not "

Well, if you're a fan of the punk/emo rock band called "The Ataris" like me, you will realise that they also have a song called "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start" ! I guess they are a big fan of Konami too.

" The Ataris "

[ via GameDaily ]

Throughout the days of gaming, there is a lot of myths about video game. Is it true ? Well, almost all of the myths are considered urban legends. I've stumbled into this nice article about it on Yahoo! Games and some of it I must admit, its almost believable. Lets start with Donkey Kong. The myth that surrounds this game is that the actual name for the game is Monkey Kong !

" Hye, I am Monkey Kong "

" Remember this classic game ? "

To think of it, the character is a monkey/ape. So why in the world do they labeled it as a donkey ? After the game become famous, the creator of the game, Miyamoto, claims that it was intentional. The donkey, which we all know can also be used as a substitute for the word stupid or super stupid, is referring to the ape. Sadly guys, this is just a myth. I guess, no one can prove its real unless Miyamoto himself will confess that it is indeed a typo error or something.

" Miyamoto : I'm not guilty ! "

Next one is about Nintendo and Sony. The whole world knows that they are bitter enemies since day 1. Well, before that particular 'day 1', Nintendo actually tried to have some sort of relationship with Sony. They wanted to use Sony's technology at that time, the ever famous CD-ROM, for their latest Super Nintendo system. I guess it was destined that they are goin to become enemies because Nintendo backed out of the contract.

" The legendary uber Playstation 1 "

Sony proceed and become instanly success with its own product, the Playstation 1 and later on, Playstation 2. Nintendo, with their limited technologies, can only produce the big bulky cartridge that can be used with their console, Nintendo 64, which was considered as crap.

" Fail ! "

Ok, now lets move on to ATARI. I'm sure those old school gamers heard of this brand. It was among the few companies that produce gaming console back in the old days.

" Can you see Pac-Man ? "

There is a rumour that Atari buried a lot of its unsold cartridges somewhere around the desert in New Mexico. Well, this is true actually ! Millions of unsold cartridges were steamrolled flat and covered in concrete before they buried it. Cruel ya ? If you still have those machine, especially the Atari 2600, take a trip to the desert and who knows, you might find few cartridges that can still work.

" Do your best finding it in the desert, I'll pray for you "

Last but not least, video games can kill people. Well, sadly, this is true and its happening right now in our own world. Gamers dying in cyber cafes and massive shooting and killing by gamers who got a brain problem because of playing violence games are some of the cases that are currently happening around the world. Just a piece of advice, get some sleep, the levels can wait, but your life can't. Hehehe, just joking.

" If you play games like Jessica Alba here, you will lose your hand sooner or later "

[ source : Yahoo! Games ]