Sidewinder or G9 Laser

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Rejoice gamers, soon we will have 2 more mouse to choose from when the need arise. No, its not Razer's. Its from Microsoft and Logitech which is called "Sidewinder" and "G9 Laser" respectively. Its design are towards the cyber punky look if you ask me. But I got to admit that both got some resemblance to each other.

" Whats with the 2 round buttons on the left of the Sidewinder mouse ? "

" Simple and sleek G9 "

Both products got almost the same features to offer so I guess the price and design is the key that will separate em. Lets compare the prices now. The Logitech G9 will be sold for around 80++ USD. Microsoft's Sidewinder on the other hand goes for 70++ USD. So which is your pick ? If I got the money, I will go for Logitech's product. Its been my favorite brand for gaming since I bought their first gaming mice, mx300. For design, though the "Sidewinder" looks interesting, I prefer "G9 Laser" more because of its simple and sleek design. I think a lot of people will agree with me on this.

The Simpsons Game Trailer(s)

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Do you guys know 'The Simpsons' ? If you don't know about it, you must be an alien who just landed on Earth.

" The Simpsons Family "

Recently, "The Simpsons" fans were treated with a movie and boy I must say it is a really really entertaining movie but from my opinion, it is too short. 3 hours should be okay for a film like this (Okay, who am I kidding ?). Anyway, the movie is successful and now there is a game coming out which is called "The Simpsons Game". Its gonna be released on 30th October 2007. I've found 2 trailers which is funny and interesting. The trailers are somewhat a parody of the game "Everquest" and "Medal of Honor. Watch it below and you will know what I mean.

Cool huh ? Can't wait to play the game ! Dont worry, every console there is out there have its own "The Simpsons Game" version. So doesn't matter if you have Xbox360, Wii, PS3 or PSP, you can still play it.

WCG 2007 : Analysis

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Quickie : What do our Warcraft player, Paulyan, Hybrid's player, rico, Need for Speed's Sophian Shahirul, and lastly, our FIFA Soccer player, Rinie Ramli had in common ? Their visas got rejected by the US Embassy. So what does this mean ? It means that we only have 3 games to shine this year that is Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Command and Conquer III. Read here to know more about it.

The final is near. Below are the groupings for our own representative (Malaysia) in Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Command and Conquer III.

Counter-Strike Group E
Titans (Singapore), Team roccat (Finland), CNO Gaming (Netherlands), Nearly God (Thailand), and Hybrid (Malaysia)

Antabax: Quite a tough group here with Titans and roccat. Nevertheless, I know Hybrid can prove themself here. Their past performance in tourneys around Malaysia is top notch on my opinion. Hybrid team members are Graham “StaiN!” Chin, Leong “fions” Khaw Jin, Abdul Azim “bobotrify” Yazid, Abdul Hakim “Jabronizs” Yazid and Hybrid|Nicholas (replacing Gerard “rico” Anand)

Starcraft : The Brood War Group D
Androide (Russia), BringiT.asS (Mexico), cooch (Trinidad & Tobago), jamesfoo (Malaysia), and Nyoken (USA).

Antabax: Besides Androide and Nyoken, the other players is not quite known internationally. So if jamesfoo can beat Androide and Nyoken, then there is no problem for the no 1 spot.

Command and Conquer III : Tiberium Wars
anze.slovenia (Slovenia), Apollooo (United Kingdom), khufu_ownz (USA), ror1Alpha (Malaysia), and StyleLiga (Germany).

This time around, maybe, our representative can put Malaysia on the map for cyber gaming. They have grown quite a lot since last time. For example, Hybrid has proved themself again why they are qualified to represent Malaysia for counter-strike just like last year and yeah, after watching the finals and the match against Vietnam during the recent WCG 2007 Malaysia's qualifier, I must say they improved a lot than last time. Their rushes, counter-push, communication, team play is simply amazing. I wish them good luck on representing us and all the best !

Jump as High as Super Mario

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Do you really like Super Mario eventhough he branded anyone who play the game is GAY ? Well, for those who are really a fanboy of Super Mario, you can now jump as high as Super Mario. Well, technically not but you can wear the Legacy X Super Mario shoes from Run Athletics. Its cool, its hip, and yeah its Nintendo's. Below are some pics of it.

" Behold, the Legacy X Super Mario shoe by Run Athletics "

" Only 400 pairs are available world wide ! "

" This gem will cost you about 120 USD and you will get a limited edition t-shirt free of charge "

So if anyone of you are interested on getting this shoe, proceed here and order it. Good luck on getting it because 400 is a small number for our world, the Earth. I bet you can sell this for a few thousands or more on EbaY. Not bad huh ? I will also bet that the shoe will be copied and are going to pop up on the market. It will be selling like hot cakes for sure.