Have you ever tried stealing before ? A PSP maybe ? You don't wanna be a thief but let say you are in a wrong state of mind and want to steal a PSP, make sure the owner is not some big shot for example, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler.

" Don't steal, just buy it sucka "

In this world nothing is impossible. Well, there is this one kid who tried to steal a PSP from a WWE wrestler and he got owned. The mentioned wrestler is none other than Elijah Burke.

" Do you want to steal something from this guy ? "

Take a note. Doesn't mean you are a kid, you can act nice and steal a PSP. People will still scold you. The kid is quite lucky though because he just got flamed instead of a beating.

[ from WWE: Elijah Burke's blog ]

Kardel SharpEye: The God of Sniper

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I got to admit, I am addicted to the character sniper in Dota All-Stars. Though I haven't played the game for quite some time now (close to 7 months), the memory of using Kardel is still fresh in my mind. Kardel is a long ranged, stealth-like character and this is why I lurveee him so much.

" Looks old but still, don't mess with Kardel "

Imagine you were walking down to the neutral creeps to earn some xp and gold. Half-way fighting the neutral creeps with half-life, suddenly "BOOM", you're dead. Its sick, really ! There is no way to escape from the IMBA nuke launched by Kardel. Apparently, I am not alone in this world who appreciate this almost godlike character (well, you can't escape an ambush unless you can windwalk or blink). There is a tribute video specially for Kardel. View it below.

[ the picture is from deviantART ]

MYM: Enter Adidas

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Its rare to see a sporting brand such as Adidas to sponsor an e-sport organization. Well, what I can say is that Adidas did a good job by sponsoring Meet Your Makers (MYM).

This is because, well, MYM is a strong organization with an excellent track record especially in Warcraft III and Dota All-Stars (a mod for Warcraft III).

[ from MyMYM ]

You can't deny it. Wii is so popular among the kids and girls. Their latest addition, the Wii Fit, is goin to be huge especially with the girls and not forgetting guys who are just too lazy to exercise outside (like me). Let say you have a girlfriend, you will definitely want to buy her the Wii Fit. Why ? Watch the video below and you will understand what I'm trying to say here.