ICCG 2007 : Interview with MTH (tDs)

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There is a gaming event coming up and it is only for the college/university students in Malaysia. It goes by the name "Inter College Cyber Games 2007" and its mission is to promote cyber games among the students. The main event of ICCG 2007 is a gaming tournament for the popular mod of Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne called 'Dota All-Stars' and Counter Strike 1.6. For more information about ICCG2007, you guys can visit their website here.

I have managed to get MTH, one of the local 'Dota' players, for a short interview about him, his clan and the ICCG 2007.

"MTH is in the same clan with me but he plays game on a competitive level !"

Hi MTH, thank you for putting time aside for this interview.
Can you quickly introduce yourself to the readers ?
The name is Syafiq. I don't blog, I hate to write. I'm forced to write this interview tho (damn u Antabax). I only play online games. People call me as Meth or in-game nick MTH. Currently studying at MMU here, GG university. I'm 23 (it's nvr too old to play games). So basically I sleep, eat, classes sometime, gaming always.

When did you start playing the mod 'Dota All-Stars" ?
Last 4 years if I'm not mistaken. The version was 5.84, now currently 6.45 wtf ?

I see. So when did you start playing competitively and not just for fun ?
Since I'm 18 but the first WCG that I joined was in 2005.

So you are in a clan called "tDs". Care to share with us how it all started ?
I wasn't one of them at first. I was invited to replace one of the members due to some problem. So actually I'm just a substitute that time. Now I'm officially a tDs member.

How is the team spirit ? Do you and the other members know each other well ?
The spirit is awesome. Melaka + Cyberjaya = Woot !!

Besides 'Dota', do you play any other games ?
Ragnarok, CS, RYL, RYL2, MapleStory, AAA, GE, Rose, but dota most of the time.

You are quite known in the 'Dota' Online community. How much time do you spend on 'Dota' everyday ? (including watching replays, reading related news and playing as well)
5hours/day. 10hours/day on holidays. HAHAHA.

What heroes do you usually use/prefer during you friendly matches online ?
Semi-Ace (Qop, Sand King, Priestess of the Moon). Commander most of the time.

There is a tourney coming-up only for college/university students in Malaysia and if I'm not mistaken, it is called "Inter College Cyber Games 2007" by APIIT. So, is tDs goin to join the tourney ?
Yes. But not as full team, more like tDs mix with nT.

Can you tell us how you guys prepare for the tourney ?
We play almost everyday. So basically, everyday is a training day. It's hard to gather all of them to go challenge in-house clans because we leave in different places (Cyberjaya, Melaka, Kedah). So we just train online.

Most probably, top seeded teams in the country will not join this tournament because it clashes with another tournament held at Johor/Batu Pahat and this tournament is only for students. So what is your aim for this tournament ?
Top 3 hopefully.

Do you think your team can achieve that ? Any obstacles that can stop tDs.NT from achieving it ?
Not sure because it's the first time tDs.nT go for tourney but I hope we can play our best.

Thanx for teh time, MTH. I would like to wish good luck and all the best to you and tDs.NT for the tournament ! Any last word(s) you want to say before we end this interview ?
Sorry to other tDs members who are not selected for this ICCG. It's a last minute invitation by nT because 4 of nT members decided not to play. SMM Melaka coming soon, a complete tDs team will join I hope or 2 teams perhaps ? Stop blogging and start training wahahahah.


I would like to wish good luck again to tDs.NT for the upcoming tourney, ICCG 2007. Hope they can achieve their goal. To the other tDs members, prepare yourself for SMM Melaka.

I've been a Malaysian for almost 23 years now and well I do have some national spirit for the country especially in sports. Malaysia is one of the host for the AFC Asian Cup 2007 together with Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Last night was the first match for Malaysia and its opponent is China. So whats the result ? From this quote "Han Peng and Wang Dong netted two goals apiece as China kicked off their AFC Asian Cup 2007 campaign in style with a 5-1 trouncing of Malaysia at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Wednesday" taken from AFC website should be more than enough for us to understand that they played horribly bad. Malaysia became the first of the four co-hosts to lose a match in the competition following victories for Vietnam and Indonesia against United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, respectively, and a draw for Thailand against Iraq.

"Malaysia's line-up for the game !"

I'm so dissapointed with their performance. They were given a lot of spirit from us Malaysian and the government heck there were given a full set of jerseys sponsored by Nike. If they cant win the game (hardly), the least they can do is to minimize teh damage. But, what the heck, 5-1 ?? Well, whats done is done. Lets just hope they gonna win the next match against Uzbekistan or might as well give another 5-1 performance.

"The China players play their game, Shaolin Style (remember Shaolin Soccer ?), thats why the keeper couldn't handle the force of the ball !"

Below are some of the comments from the angry Malaysians croud.

avicenna: Argghhh.... tgk Malaysia main, mmg kena kluar jampi serapah !

(arghhh, seeing how malaysia play just now, I feel like cursing them !)

hot_station03: Hai... nak kate baju buruk... jersi dah nike..nak kate takde penyokong?? Stadium dah ampir penuh.. nak kate sampah marah!!!!... Tapi mmg player malaysia sampah.. buat abes duit negare jerk!!! Ni la skuad bola sepak kebangsaan kite yg kite banggekan?????

(Hmm, if want to say that the jersey is bad, it is now sponsored by Nike, if want to say that they are no supporters, the stadium just now during the match was almost full with supporters, people say they are bad, they'll get angry (the players) but in the end, they just simply sux. If go on like this, it will just waste our country's money. Is this the malaysia football squad that we are suppose to be proud of ??)

"Rita Rudaini was also there to give moral support for the 'players' (her boyfriend) !"

powerplayguy: weih
powerplayguy: tgk mesia main?
powerplayguy: bodo sial

(Hello, did u watch mesia (Malaysia) play just now ? So stupid!)

amriee_aru: MALAYSIA power !!!

(MALAYSIA is so strong !!!)

"Zh Zheng: Dude, what are you doin ?"

ahmattbellamy: Nanthakumar kena start! Fullbacks banyakkan tolong wingers! Strikers tolong hold bola secara kedap! Shukur lorongkan bola cantik2 sket! Rosdi dan Fauzi mesti tangkas berpatah balik

(Please put nanthakumar in the starting eleven! Wingers need more help from the fullbacks! Strikers need to hold the ball longer/better! Shukur, can you please pass the ball nicely! Rosdi and Fauzi must actively run to the front and back!)

veto lopez: tulaaa
veto lopez: patut 5-0
veto lopez: baru laaa kene dowh
veto lopez: 50 years malaysia merdeka
veto lopez: blh jadi present utk malaysia

(Hehehe, suppose to be 5-0 man ! Then it can be a present for the Malaysians in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka anniversary. 5-0 minus - = 50)

The pics were taken by mitmivec, gicks79, and Lurker@photokaki.com.

One of the biggest E-Sports events, which goes by the name of ESWC, has just ended. One of the members of the winning team for the Counter-Strike Female Tournament, MISSHARVEY of SK Ladies talks mainly about their played matches, her teams and the ESWC female tournament, and also about female gaming in general, too in an interview done by technics (MYM) just before their final match. Below is the video clip linked straight from the MYM website.

The results for the ESWC 2007

Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne
1. Soju
2. Creo
3. Grubby

Counter Strike 1.6 (Male)
1. PGS (Pentagram)
2. NoA
3. Fnatic

Counter Strike 1.6 (Female)
1. SK Ladies
2. Ehonor
3. BtB (Be the Best)

Warcraft III : Frozen Throne (Dota All-Stars)
1. tDs.Wanderer
2. tDs.Destiny
3. Absalom

For more info on the tourney, coverage and the likes, you can proceed direct to the MYM website.

P:S The Dota All-Stars winners is just a joke created by none other than the author itself.

Cigarette Prices Up + Thailand Ads = GG

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To fellow smokers especially those who play games. I guess you all realiased that the prices for these 'ciggies' has gone up yet again. Not sure about the other brands out there, but any brand under the BAT (British American Tobacco) umbrella is affected. The new price range for its brands of cigarettes is now: RM9.20 for Dunhill Fine Cut 20s; Dunhill D360 20s and Pall Mall Plain 20s (RM8.60); Dunhill King Size, Kent King Size, Benson & Hedges King Size and Peter Stuyvesant 20s (RM8.20); Perilly’s King Size and Pall Mall King Size 25s (RM7.30) and Perilly’s 100s (RM6.90). For the 14s pack, Dunhill, Benson & Hedges and Peter Stuyvesant are now priced at RM5.90.

So guys, is it almost the time to stop now ? I once make a promise to myself that when a box of 20s Dunhill reach the RM10 mark, I will stop smoking. But with the current situation, RM8.20 is quite a burden from RM7.30. So I sit down and think for a while. Besides the joy of smoking, the effects from smoking is not good either. So why waste money to smoke ? If its just plain addicted, I dont think there should be any problem to stop. Smoking is actually a part of life to those who smokes. It is kinda the same like eating or drinking. Its not because of its addictiveness, its become more than that. It is a part of our daily routine. For me, everytime I go to work and between work, lunch and 6.00 pm (my office hour is till 6.00 pm), smoking is a must. I smoke around1 stick per hour. That doesnt sound too bad, rite ?

When you talk about smoking during games, everytime u die, especially when its in the middle stage of the game, u tend to smoke because u will get revive only after a minute or so. This is seriously a bad habit that me and my frens developed. Ive tried chewing gum or snacks but hey who am I lying to. Its just plain different. For starters, lets just try to ease on the smoking. Maybe I should only smoke 1 stick between morning, lunch and another stick between lunch and 6.00 pm.

Anyway, my brother in law, Joe, recently went to Thailand and he bought a 20s pack of Marlboro. Its different from the packs u have here in Malaysia. In Thailand, they have this very scary ad on every ciggies pack there. If these kind of ads were to be done in Malaysia, plus the recent prices for ciggies, I say good bye to fellow smokers. I'll try to stop. Or in other words, GG.

So guys, should we go on smoking or take this matter into consideration ? The choice is in ur hands. But for me, it is still safe to smoke. LMAO. For more info about this ads thingy, click here.