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I guess yesterday was a big surprise for us, Malaysians. The headline 'Iran defeat brave Malaysia' means a lot to some Malaysians. Doesn't matter if it rains, players still sux, played 10-0-0 formation, Iran played safe to avoid injury or wateva, the score still remain 2-0 in favour of Iran. Why was it a big surprise ? It is because everyone thought that we could end up again 5-0, 5-1 and some even predicted 10-1, 11-1 also not forgetting those who bet Malaysia to lose more than 3-0. Overall, doesn't matter how sucky the game was yesterday, Malaysia did their best and you can see it in their faces. You know, it's not entirely their fault that they sux. They just need proper guidance, training, and also a healthy sportsman's diet.

"Nice punch from the keeper"

"Dude, wheres your defenders ?

Below are some comments from fans for Malaysia Football Team.

hot_station03: camtu la malaysiaa... kitowang tak mintak kemenangan..tapi good game and result.. tak kesah la org ckp "bley la tak byk score pasal defend byk"..tapi tu jerk taktik sesuwai.. no doubt ok.. ni tak.. jgn nak tunggu sampai PM kite letak jawatan baru nak main betol2.. berubah tuk Bola Sepak Negara Pliss!!! anyway.. good game guyss..

(that's the way Malaysia... we dont ask for a win.. just a good game and a nice result.. eventhough some people are saying that Iran scored only 2 because we play a lot of defend but thats just the right tactic against good team(s).. no doubt about it.. please don't wait until our PM quit his job before you all can play seriously.. please change for the betterment of our country's soccer!!! anyway, good game guyss..)

Sir Odetakhun: say no to Shahidan 'gila kuasa' Kassim

(say no to Shahidan 'crazy for power' Kassim)

"Make sure next time, you score with this kind of opportunity"

"Nice set-piece but still no goal ?"

sh4zraf: malaysia sucks. iran taknak injury je tu. chances nak score berlambak2. iran nampak sgt hold back taknak injured. 2-0 dekat scoreboard je buat pe. quality takdee. and the commentator mmg nampak sgt nak amik hati penonton, puji puji sket padahal passing teruk, defender macam tunggul. still problem ngan headers, taknak lompat and dari tengah padang clear? wtf tengah padang dah dpt bola, control la..85% of the time clear or lose possession. GG...

(Malaysia sux. Iran just dont want any injuries to their players. They have a lot of chance to score. Obviously they are playing safe so that their players can play the next match. 2-0 at the score board is nothing if the game sux and no quality. The commentators also obviously want to take care of the fans's feelings. They kept giving good comments for the Malaysian players but actually, the passes are bad, the defenders just stood still like a wall. They also still have this problem of not jumping for air possession and even they got the ball in the middle of the field, they will clear it. Wtf ? They should have control it but all I can see is 85% of the time, they just clear the ball or lose the ball. Good Game...)

"If only the ball went inside the net"

"Iranian Girls: All love and no hate"

From my opinion, FAM really need to be restructured. From the top to bottom. It should elect someone (politician or non politician) not just based on their influence on the government, sponsors, & people but also competent in football administration. For starters, Norizan got sacked from his position. Whats more to come ? Lets all hope for the best.

"Dollah Salleh & Azman Adnan FTW !!"

"Am I getting fired ? This is madness !"

Hopefully, FAM will realise their mistake(s) and improvise so that for any coming tournaments, there will be no more results such as 5-1 or 5-0. Winning is hard but losing 5-0 is not an option either (hopefully).

The pics were taken by 'razlan (y4e)' and 'AFC'.

ICCG 2007 : Past, Present, & Future

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Quickie: One of MYM members, TaZz has gone missing in Tasmania, Australia. Read about it here.

I was informed that last year's ICCG was quite interesting. Last year's ICCG, the public can see what's going on in big projected screens on spectator mode and a lot of 'gosu' (pro/master) gamers participate in the event. There are few problems during the event but not that catastrophic. One of the main concern is the timetables/schedules. Gamers/participants usually want to know a bit earlier whose their opponent is, what time the games are and such so that they can prepare themself accordingly. Another thing is, the updates, results and also the replays (for the games competition) were slowly updated eventhough they have their own blog/site for it. Well, nothing is perfect in this world even WCG (World Cyber Games) also have some problems. So how did ICCG fare this year ? Keep on reading to know more.

"During registration, Fatal the only one that posed for the camera"

We went there with MTH and Kenny's car. We woke up around 8-9 in the morning and since its kinda late, we took a quick bath, pack our stuffs and leave. Kenny waited outside (LMAO) for Fatal and Zed while me, Din, and Shuji followed Mth. To avoid the traffic jam, Kenny used a short-cut and we followed from behind. The short-cut that we used were actually some lanes in between the houses. Because we are in a hurry, I didn't manage to snap a picture. The roads there are so weird, we keep turning right, left, left, right, left etc etc. The surroundings are weird too and Shuji said that we must be in Shanghai or something, We arrived there (APIIT Bukit Jalil) around 10 and they quickly register themself (pay the fees) to the committees. In the middle of the building, you can see some booth and stalls (takoyaki, drinks etc etc) and one of it is the Gamer's Hideout where they display some XBOX 360 for the people to experience it. The owner of the booth is friendly and kept smiling all the way. By the way, the promoters (chics) for the booth, Granado Espada and Pc Gamer, is hot.

"Gamer's Hideout Booth where you can play XBox 360!"

"The hawt 'Granado Espada' promoters (chics). Note that I was nervous while taking this picture"

After registering and breakfast, we went to the notice board to check tDs.NT position and schedules. The first round is against the team FAITH and if they win it, they will meet TiTaNz (k3v's team provided that they win the first round). This is bad news. K3v's team obviously are among the best in the country (k3v is Malaysia's no1 QOP (self-proclaimed) and its hard to win against them. The battle grounds is at level 3 where the computer labs are situated at. Later the committees inform me that non-participants cannot stay in the battle grounds but they can spectate it downstairs. This is a big turn down for me and Din. We cant spectate or root for them (and I cant take some pictures boohoo). Nevertheless me and Din stayed there and try to avoid the committees. Somehow the committees didn't ask us to leave.

"The GodFather"

The first match for tDs.NT was quite a fight but FAITH did some mistakes here and there for tDs.NT to exploit and couple up with some teamwork, tDs.NT managed to get the upper hand and won the match. The next game, yeah you bet, is against k3v. Such a bad luck to meet them on the second round. tDs.NT ban QOP because they don't want k3v to use it (LMAO). Anyway, it was a tough fight, with tinker kept killing them early in the match (I couldnt elaborate more because I cant spectate the match and the replays is not uploaded yet). In the end, the more experienced team, TiTaNz won the match. They proceed on with the tourney and managed to get no 3. Another clan, Fitri dan rakan-rakan (Fitri and Frens) which happen to be one of our frens also joined the tourney. They also got knocked out by a more experienced team, IMU. Rumours that they are two Cybertime (Malaysia's current Dota top clan) members in that team. There are two groups for the dota tourney. Group A is the toughest group with clan such as Rev.G, TiTaNz (3rd place), say Thanks (1st place) and also tDs.NT (O'RLY ?). The top team of each group will battle for 1st and 2nd placing while the second of each group will battle for 3rd and 4th group. About the counter-strike tourney, I didn't get a chance to meet any of them. Anyway, below is the results for ICCG 2007.

Dota All-Stars (Ver 1.20c, I know, you can't view the replays. Need to revert back to 1.20c first)
1. say Thanks
2. IMU
3. TiTaNz

Counter-Strike 1.6

"tDs.NT during banning and drafting heroes ('pecah kepala' MTH)"

"ShibuyaD playing Sarlock (pun intended)"

"tDs.NT during the first match againts FAITH"

"k3v's team (TiTaNz) during their banning and drafting heroes againts tDs.NT"

"MTH: Damn k3v !! (DIN: Hot Takoyaki !!)"

"Zed: No sweat !"

Overall, ICCG this year is considered more than average (almost perfect) for an event (hey, it's an event organized by students, don't expect stuffs like WCG or something). The only letdown is the ability to spectate the games live. Last year they even have big projector screen(s) but they dont have it this year. Another thing they can improve is that, since everything is in 1 building and quite open, they can inform any event thats currently happening such as 'tDs.Nt defeated FAITH' or 'Team Fitri and rakan-rakan. Please prepare yourself. Your game is in a couple of minutes from now". Oh yeah, it could be handy to the participants if they could release the schedules earlier (same like last year) but I don't think the other tourneys practice this also so its not a big problem anyway. Just handy. Lastly, congrats to all winning teams and the losers, try hard next time ok ? This goes to tDs also. By the way, I would like to state again that the Granado Espada and Pc Gamer's promoter (chics) is hawt.

"From left, Zed, DIN, Kenny, Antabax, MTH, ShibuyaD (Shuji), and Fatal"

ps: Wondering when the replays are going to be released to the public.

So, another round of applause for our fellow players ? This time, no consolation goal(s) for our football team. They got thrashed again and unsurprisingly, it was only 5-0. Why only ? Because some predicted 10-0, 10-1, 11-0, 12-0 etc etc. This result will mark the exit for our team eventhough we still have 2 more games to play (meaning two more rounds of humiliation ? I hope not !). This time, Malaysia is much more generous. They give 1 free goal (penalty) for Uzbekistan so they can get their hope and spirit high to achieve a mininum of 5 goals so that China won't look down on them. Is Malaysia really a team for the other countries to practice their goal scoring ? We will see their next game against Iran and by then, we should know.

' Under-fire Malaysia coach Norizan Bakar admitted on Saturday that his side does not have the quality to compete with their Group C opponents @ AFC Asian Cup 2007 '

' This banner should struck the guys at FAM hard ! "We have world class facilities but third class management (mentality) ! FAM... What have you done ?" '

Like usual, below are some comments from angry fans.

hot_station03: nila akibatnye letak pemain tak bepelajaran.. sekola tak tinggi ape coach ckp tak paham...pastu blagak pandai plak.. arap rambut je panjang..otak tak gune... penat je tuhan anugerahkan otak.. teruatame yg keeper ngan botak tu.. balik main guli jela lagi baik... dah minit 90 baru nak terbang2...sblm tu asyik mencangkung jerk...ape apehal.. kami penyokong pasukan malaysia tetap menyokong penoh team ini waualupon tanpe sebarang kemenangan.. walaupon malaysia tak boleh menang.. tapi ade jugak perkataan 'boleh' itu digunakan malaysia boleh memenangkan team lawan.. yeah.. Malaysia Bolehh!!!!

This is the result of fielding the uneducated players. What the coach said to them, they can't understand and they act like they are good or something. The hair is long but the brain is dead. The god had given them brains but they failed to use it correctly especially the keeper and the bald guy. I guess, its better for them to go home and play marbles. Only when the time reaches the 90th minutes, you can see some 'flying' here and there. Before that, they tend to squat (kinda lazy ?) all the time. Even with all of the things that happened, we, the fans of Malaysia's football team, will still support the team eventhough without any win(s). The word Malaysia 'Boleh' (Malaysia can do it !) can still be used and applied. They can make their opponent win. Ofcourse Malaysia can do that !. Malaysia 'Boleh' !

i_amazon_i:kekalahan yg takbleh diterima.. kita sepatutnya kalah 12-0

A defeat that is unacceptable ! We should have lost 12-0, not just 5-0!

avicenna011: YEAH ! MALAYSIA KENE AYAM LAGI ! Commentator Astro dari awal sampai akhir kutuk Malaysia :)) ................ asal tak bolos byk lagi wei , kasi la 0-9 ke 0-11 ke.............

OH YEAH ! MALAYSIA GOT THRASHED AGAIN ! The commentator from Astro dissed Malaysia from the start till the end. Why just 5-0 ? Why not just give them 9-0 or 11-0 !

' Uzbekistan tried to play ala China style (Shaolin Kung-Fu). The result ? 5-0 ! '


FAM should be restructured !! HEY DUGONG ! PLEASE STEP DOWN FROM YOUR POSITION !! 5-0 ?? LOL WUT ??


I feel shame to become a Malaysian. I want to change my nationality to Indonesia, Thailand or maybe Vietnam. Malaysian Football Team is like Pokemon !(he is actually cursing with the word pokemak)

' I sometimes pity the keeper. He try his best to take care of the goal post. But, he is just not yet an international standard (it means that he sux). This explains all the shots that he didn't manage to save '

lordofseventhsin: Kamon Malaysia! U can't do it!

Come on Malaysia! You can't do it !

pyschospiritz: 5-0 sempena 50th merdeka. congrats. sangat bermakna kepada msia.

5-0 in conjunction with 50th Merdeka. Congratulations. Its such a meaningful thing for us, Malaysians !

The pics were taken by 'Lurker@photokaki' and 'Getty Images'.