For all KOF fans, the upcoming game does look nice and it will be on PS3 and XboX360 (yeah, arcade also). Take a peek below to know how the game looks like.

Have you ever tried stealing before ? A PSP maybe ? You don't wanna be a thief but let say you are in a wrong state of mind and want to steal a PSP, make sure the owner is not some big shot for example, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler.

" Don't steal, just buy it sucka "

In this world nothing is impossible. Well, there is this one kid who tried to steal a PSP from a WWE wrestler and he got owned. The mentioned wrestler is none other than Elijah Burke.

" Do you want to steal something from this guy ? "

Take a note. Doesn't mean you are a kid, you can act nice and steal a PSP. People will still scold you. The kid is quite lucky though because he just got flamed instead of a beating.

[ from WWE: Elijah Burke's blog ]

Kardel SharpEye: The God of Sniper

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I got to admit, I am addicted to the character sniper in Dota All-Stars. Though I haven't played the game for quite some time now (close to 7 months), the memory of using Kardel is still fresh in my mind. Kardel is a long ranged, stealth-like character and this is why I lurveee him so much.

" Looks old but still, don't mess with Kardel "

Imagine you were walking down to the neutral creeps to earn some xp and gold. Half-way fighting the neutral creeps with half-life, suddenly "BOOM", you're dead. Its sick, really ! There is no way to escape from the IMBA nuke launched by Kardel. Apparently, I am not alone in this world who appreciate this almost godlike character (well, you can't escape an ambush unless you can windwalk or blink). There is a tribute video specially for Kardel. View it below.

[ the picture is from deviantART ]

MYM: Enter Adidas

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Its rare to see a sporting brand such as Adidas to sponsor an e-sport organization. Well, what I can say is that Adidas did a good job by sponsoring Meet Your Makers (MYM).

This is because, well, MYM is a strong organization with an excellent track record especially in Warcraft III and Dota All-Stars (a mod for Warcraft III).

[ from MyMYM ]

You can't deny it. Wii is so popular among the kids and girls. Their latest addition, the Wii Fit, is goin to be huge especially with the girls and not forgetting guys who are just too lazy to exercise outside (like me). Let say you have a girlfriend, you will definitely want to buy her the Wii Fit. Why ? Watch the video below and you will understand what I'm trying to say here.

Is any gamer like this in your life ?

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Watch the video below and ask yourself, is any gamer like this in your life ?

4 Malaysian teams managed to reach the playoffs preliminaries. Out of the 4 teams (Ftz-, Ks, DmNe, [Vs]), only Ks managed to reach the playoffs finals.

[Vs] lost to a team from Singapore called impreZa while DmNe lost to a team from India called Err0R. For Ks and Ftz-, its quite unlucky because they need to fight each other for the final match of the playoffs preliminaries which means that Malaysia will lose another spot in the playoffs finals. Ks eventually won the match but the replay of the game are not available yet at the moment.

EOAGamer would like to wish KingSurf-Razer all the best for the playoffs finals.

Official Site: MYM Prime Defending 10 Preliminaries

Kingsurf launched their own blog !

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For all Kingsurf fans, you can now read all the latest information posted by themself at their own newly launched blog. One more thing, I guess they are the only clan in Malaysia which are sponsored by Razer (judging by the name of their blog).

Official Site: KingSurf Razer

[ thanx to FaTaL for the information ]

Just watch the video below and you will know how.

Do it at your own expense, not mine !

E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008

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On 6th of April, there was a big gaming event in Thailand called "E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008". One of the games featured is Dota All-Stars. Only 3 Asian teams were invited to the event which is Zenith from Singapore, XcN from Indonesia and KingSurf from Malaysia competing in a pool of Thailand clans.

" The official banner for the Dota All-Stars event "

Those three clans managed to reach the semi-finals. Zenith lose to XcN eventually and KS won against a Thailand clan, TRUST. KS will face XcN in the final. KS have a few matches before in other tournaments against XcN and the results are always favouring the Indonesian clan.

" The tournament chart "

Based on the chart above, you can see that the champion of the Dota All-Stars tournament in the E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008 is KingSurf !! Congratulations !! Lastly, below are some of the girls that joined the beauty competition or was it cosplay competition ? One thing for sure, they are so hot !

" Yummy red apple "

" Golden whitish elf "

" Black in white maid "

Official Site : Bangkok Interactive Game (BIG) Festival

Following the heat of Blizzard's launching of Starcraft II, SMM is holding a national Starcraft I (Broodwar) tournament this month till April.

" The official poster from SMM website "

" The venue and dates for the event according to the states "

Below are the results from the states that already held the event.

" Negeri Sembilan state "

1st : m1-cobo
2nd : m1-Timber2k7
3rd : Lee
4th : blueloo

" Pahang state "

1st : M1-Ash
2nd : Bender
3rd : Skyline
4th : 123

" Selangor state "

1st : M1-MarinE
2nd : M1-Bb
3rd : Protox
4th : Golden_compass

EOAG would like to congratulate all the winners of the state event.

MYM Prime Defending 10 launched !

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Gamers, specifically Dota All-Stars players, MYM Prime Defending is back again. The online tournament hosted by Meet Your Makers is so famous and well known world wide. This is one of the reason it can be run successfully albeit some minor issues and conflicts.

" The logo for MYM Prime Defending #10 "

The previous tourney, Prime Defending #9, MYM which is the host for the tournament, managed to snatch the first place back from Virtus.Pro who won it before. Second place goes to WG and lastly, Virtus.Pro is 3rd. During the finals for the loser-bracket, Virtus.Pro ff-ed the matches, thus WG advanced to the grand finals automatically.

" KS won 2nd place in SINGTEL 2007 GXL Season 2 "

We also cant forget the big issue from the last tournament where Team KS from Malaysia was falsely accused cheating/maphacking. In the end of the day, they were proved innocent (c'mon, who would cheat infront of 1-2k of fans watching from behind in a cyber-cafe ?). Time will tell if KS will join this tourney again. Same goes to the other Dota clans originated from Malaysia.

Official Site : MYM Prime Defending 10

I would like to congratulate my fellow clanmates, tDs, for their third placing in a recent tournament held at Melaka. They went home with RM 750. Well done guys. Considering this might be the last tournament for y'all, it is indeed a nice moment to remember.

What can you get if you have 6 million dollars and a PS3 ?

" This setup can beat the cinemas and theaters out there "

" Just look at those speakers ? OMG ? "

" Sheer quality and in-style too "

More pictures below.

" This is the kind of setup you will get with 6 million dollars "

" Magnificent view "

" Thats quite tall for a speaker I must say ! "

" There is the PS3, sitting nicely on the centre rack, 3rd row "

[ via AudioVideoInteriors ]

Watchout ! PSP on Fire !!

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Hmm, you guys better watch out now. Recently, a Playstation Portable overheated in a schoolboy's pocket which burned his leg. Well, his leg are still safe though, just some small burns actually.

" Don't think you are safe with the PSP in your pouch "

The Fire officials said that the leaking PSP's battery caused the burns. Hmm, I wonder how the battery got leaked because mine is still fine after 2 years of portable gaming, indoor or outdoor.

" Next time you want to lick your PSP, think again "

" Playing in the bathroom will always be the safest choice "

The Fire officials still don't know whats the cause of it. Well, for the time being, I don't think putting the PSP in your pocket is a good choice. Put it in a bag or something. Better be safe than sorry.

[ via FOXNews ]

Well, it's weird that some country in this world would ban games such as Counter-Strike and Everquest. Because of the ban, about 30 Brazilians consisting of gamers, teachers, and professionals that are related to the games held a peace demonstration to protest the ban by their government.

" English : My mom plays Counter-Strike "

The protest was organized by using the internet. Thought the protess never get the attention it needed, this is a good first step for the gamer community to organize themselves and try to appeal against the court decision that prohibited the sale of the games in Brazilian territory. Its a waste, really, because one of the top clan in the world, Made in BRazil originated from Brazil !

" One of the top Counter-Strike clan in the world, MiBR "

So what's next ? World of Warcraft ? Lineage II ? Warcraft III ? Dota All-Stars ?

[ via Globo ]

Eat This, Wii Fanboys !!

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Well, this is not something new but I want to share it because not everyone watched this video before. It is a direct flame for the Wii fanboys. They used the song "My Name is" by Eminem. Its now called "I Hate This". Enjoy.

[ via SarcasticGamer ]

Happy Chinese New Year !!

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On Friday morning, I spent my time at the office. There is a new patch rolling out for our system and I have volunteered to test it since I'm not goin anywhere for Chinese New Year. Well, not that bad actually, luckily there was no error in our system. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year !

" Happy Chinese New Year !! "

Mana Potion for the Earthlings

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If you've been playing RPG or MMORPG games, I'm 100% sure you know the item 'Mana Potion'. Well, some clever dudes from Harcos has invented this potion for our own world. It is still called 'Mana Potion' though. This thing looks real enough and don't seem like a joke to me. So I guess, they must be serious with their product, 'Mana Potion'.

According to their website, this energy drink doesn't contain any sugar and has lots of vitamins. It is equivalent to about two 8-ounce Red Bulls or four cups of crappy office coffee. After drinking it, it will replenish about 160 mana.

" Just shove those 'bucks' away for 'Mana Potion' "

To know more about this wonderful, magically enhanced 'Mana Potion', you can browse to their website. Sadly, they only serve U.S. customers for the mean time.

[ via ManaPotions ]

The Cheat inside Juno

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If you have watched the movie Juno, you must have heard the song that is played at the end of the movie. It is a an abbreviated version of a song by the "Moldy Peaches".

" The poster for Juno "

Apparently, the full song contained a cheat that is considered a master cheat that works with almost all the games that are under the roof of Konami. The cheat can also be used for the game "The Orange Box". The cheat is "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start".

" You can summon the lightning to help you with this cheat or maybe not "

Well, if you're a fan of the punk/emo rock band called "The Ataris" like me, you will realise that they also have a song called "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start" ! I guess they are a big fan of Konami too.

" The Ataris "

[ via GameDaily ]

Throughout the days of gaming, there is a lot of myths about video game. Is it true ? Well, almost all of the myths are considered urban legends. I've stumbled into this nice article about it on Yahoo! Games and some of it I must admit, its almost believable. Lets start with Donkey Kong. The myth that surrounds this game is that the actual name for the game is Monkey Kong !

" Hye, I am Monkey Kong "

" Remember this classic game ? "

To think of it, the character is a monkey/ape. So why in the world do they labeled it as a donkey ? After the game become famous, the creator of the game, Miyamoto, claims that it was intentional. The donkey, which we all know can also be used as a substitute for the word stupid or super stupid, is referring to the ape. Sadly guys, this is just a myth. I guess, no one can prove its real unless Miyamoto himself will confess that it is indeed a typo error or something.

" Miyamoto : I'm not guilty ! "

Next one is about Nintendo and Sony. The whole world knows that they are bitter enemies since day 1. Well, before that particular 'day 1', Nintendo actually tried to have some sort of relationship with Sony. They wanted to use Sony's technology at that time, the ever famous CD-ROM, for their latest Super Nintendo system. I guess it was destined that they are goin to become enemies because Nintendo backed out of the contract.

" The legendary uber Playstation 1 "

Sony proceed and become instanly success with its own product, the Playstation 1 and later on, Playstation 2. Nintendo, with their limited technologies, can only produce the big bulky cartridge that can be used with their console, Nintendo 64, which was considered as crap.

" Fail ! "

Ok, now lets move on to ATARI. I'm sure those old school gamers heard of this brand. It was among the few companies that produce gaming console back in the old days.

" Can you see Pac-Man ? "

There is a rumour that Atari buried a lot of its unsold cartridges somewhere around the desert in New Mexico. Well, this is true actually ! Millions of unsold cartridges were steamrolled flat and covered in concrete before they buried it. Cruel ya ? If you still have those machine, especially the Atari 2600, take a trip to the desert and who knows, you might find few cartridges that can still work.

" Do your best finding it in the desert, I'll pray for you "

Last but not least, video games can kill people. Well, sadly, this is true and its happening right now in our own world. Gamers dying in cyber cafes and massive shooting and killing by gamers who got a brain problem because of playing violence games are some of the cases that are currently happening around the world. Just a piece of advice, get some sleep, the levels can wait, but your life can't. Hehehe, just joking.

" If you play games like Jessica Alba here, you will lose your hand sooner or later "

[ source : Yahoo! Games ]

Last time, it was the game influence that caused the massive shooting, killing mates etc etc. Now, even the console can turn people into a psychotic killer. Well, in this case, a 60 year old dad, James Stanly Niedosik, almost become a killer when he shot his son with a rifle that was handed to him by his own son.

" Need a light ? "

The 17 year old boy suffered from a .22 caliber bullet lodged in his skull behind his ear and currently, he is at the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest (Pennsylvania) for treatment. For the dad, he was arrested and sent to Monroe Country Prison with a hefty bail, $250,000. He is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child.

[ via GameRush ]

Care for some table-tennis ?

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Rockstar Games from the famed Grand Theft Auto series has just released a new game and this time, it is not their ordinary cup of tea. Its a sport game that goes by the name "Table-Tennis" or "Ping-Pong" for Nintendo Wii. From the trailer, the game seems intense enough and could make you sweat the same like the real thing. I've attached the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

Human as PacMan

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You must have played PacMan before in your entire life, from birth till now, right ? Have you played it in real life rather than the game itself ? Watch the video below and yeah, it is them "japanese" as usual.