Well, did Malaysia proved anything at the WCG 2007 Asian Championship ? Not quite good but we did a big impact for the dota scene. Our representative, Cybertime RoA managed to qualify for the final stage (they win all the games in the grouping stage) and they managed to get 2nd ! Getting 2nd here means that Malaysia is no 2 in Asia (for the time being). Well its quite sad that they lost to China (for the final) but hey, the China's team (World Elite, WE) was among the best clan for Warcraft 3 and one of their top players, Sky, played for their dota team. They are a fully sponsored team (a lot of sponsors) and they have their own training ground, blazing fast connection, a manager and yes, a salary so that they can just concentrate on what they do best, play games.

" Team Malaysia, Cybertime RoA grab the 2nd spot for Dota All-Stars "

The lost was not a big one. According to some of the spectators, RoA put up a big fight but eventually lost due to WE's BristleBack (BB). I cant talk more because I haven't watch the replay but BB is too imba if it were used by the right team.

" The first place goes to World Elite (WE) "

For the first final round, the quarter, WE defeated the famed Micronology (who beated Zenith to represent Singapore) to advance to the semi-final while RoA crushed New Zealand's M.C.C to advance. The other remaining teams were XDT from Korea against NG.LF from Thailand which NG.LF won and XCN from Indonesia vs Philippines's Flow where Flow managed to defeat XCN (XCN in Indonesia is actually like Zenith in Singapore, strong and hardly defeatable). It a suprise Flow managed to beat them but like I said, nothing can be analysed till the replays are out. For the semi, RoA is up against Flow and they won while WE defeated Ng.LF. The third place for dota goes to Flow.

For Warcraft III, the 1st spot was taken by none other than Soju, a pro gamer from Korea. He is quite known in the international scene and I guess there is no suprise that he won it.

During the event, there is also another event called the GXL Season 1 Finals where some Malaysians took part also. Some of them are Chapree (Need For Speed), ct-serry (Warcraft III) and Hybrid (Counter-Strike). Chapree managed to get third for Need For Speed. Congrats to him !

" This is Chapree @ CELGames "

Soju who won the Warcraft 3 tournament, got interviewed by Wind from wNv-Gaming. The most interesting part that I want to share here is this:

" Soju, from Korea "

" Now that you won AWCG, what do you plan to do with your prize money ?
Like most other professional gamers, I'll give all of the prize money to my parents "

He love his parent I tell you. In Malaysia, I dont think the gamers who won any tourney will give it to their parents. I think it is because of the prize money is not as much as WCG's or maybe, its just me :P !

Again, I would like to say congratulations to Cybertime RoA for getting 2nd place and Chapree for placing third in those events. To the others, there are still more to come and WCG Malaysia is just around the corner. Good luck, play smart.

Pictures are stolen from DotaSG, wNv-Gaming, and Asian Cyber Games.
Some of the replays for WCG 2007 ACG can be downloaded here.