Guys, have you heard about the new airline, Firefly ? (supposed to be Malaysia's First Community Airline). It's parent company is none other than the infamous Malaysian Airlines. The airline is based at Penang and currently it flies to 5 locations in Malaysia, Langkawi, Kota Bahru, Kuantan and Kuala Trengganu. Besides local destinations, the airline also listed Koh Samui and Phuket in their flying schedule.

How easy to book a ticket from Firefly ? It is easy because the tickets can be purchased around the clock, 24/7 from its call center. It can also be bought at MAS's ticketing office in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, KLIA, Kota Bahru, Terengganu, Kuantan and Langkawi. The other alternative is to book/buy the tickets at the official Firefly website. They are offering tickets at rates starting from as low as RM 9, excluding taxes and surcharges. The airplane that they are using are from the type Fokker 50 where it can comfortably seats 50 passengers, with more than enough room for your luggage on board.

So will Firefly be BIG in Malaysia ? The potential is there. With these kind of rates, who wouldnt want to use their service ? It might not takeover Air Asia's share completely but maybe it will attract some customers from Air Asia or maybe more. With the proper planning and management, the airline can smell success probably in few months time. So gamers out there who are on a budget can use this service to travel to the other states for a friendly match ? Clan gathering ? Tournaments ? Gaming Events ? What ever the reason is, it is now affordable to fly and gamers who fly tend to look cooler than average.

"Optimus Prime: At the end of this day... one shall stand, one shall fall"

I guess this review is a bit late. There is tons of review that you can read elsewhere on the internet. So what makes mine different from the rest ? My review is based on myself as a general audience rather than an ultra-leet-fanatic transformers fan or ultra-leet-fanatic movie critics. Well, maybe as an ultra-leet-fanatic gamer (am I ?). Before I start anything, I would like to address to all Megan Fox's fan, there is a short video clip of Megan's Fox scene from the movie below just after the review. Its the part where she is checking Bumblebee's Engine. Rejoice !

"Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: Watch those curves...."

As I mentioned before, I watched Transformers last week at Midvalley Megamall with my frens (Dindetron, OptimusMth, ShujiScream, Donumblebee). Because of our attitude (lol !), we didn't book the tickets but we depend on our luck to get it by goin to the cinema a tad early and buy it there. As a result, we managed to get 5 tickets. Arent we lucky ? Well, not quite lucky because the seats are exactly infront of the screen and for that, Donumblebee queued for about 30-45 minutes. Its lucky to have a nice fren like that who are willing to sacrifice for others (just like Bumblebee in the movie).

"Optimus Prime: Need a light ?"

So how was it ? From my point of view, this is the greatest movie I've watched so far. Why ? Because it contains all the elements a good movie should have for example, eye-catching graphic, comedy/humour, love, action, suspense, and thrill plus the most important part, the robots. Cmon, who expect that the Autobots also have some sense of humour and make themself look like clowns (hint: the scene where they need to hide themself from Sam's Parent). Also, the voice of Optimus Prime is done by the same guy who did it for the cartoon. How cool is that ? Eventhough he is old, he still got that cool macho tone with him. Through-out the movie, I was glued to my seat because the flow of the movie was very organize heck once the movie end, I saw a few people rush out of the cinema to the toilet. I bet they hold their 'business' first until the movie finish.

"Bumblebee: I'm the fastest !"

Some of the reviews I read on teh net tend to criticize teh movie. I guess they must be in the ultra-leet-fanatic transformers fan category. They are dissapointed because they found that Michael Bay concetrated more on teh 'disgusting humans' rather than teh robots. Well who dont want to when you have the super-ultra-babe, Megan Fox, as the heroine. I can understand their attachment to Transformers but if you look it in a different way, like what I did, I found that teh movie overall managed to combine every elements it have. For me, they did quite a good job introducing about teh robots, teh mission, and also teh humans. Doesnt mean teh movie sux just because they dont concetrate more on teh robots, get what I mean ? I'm sure if they just concetrate about the robots (the fighting scene, introduction of their planets, bla bla bla) then it will be just the same with the cartoon. Michael Bay did a goob job on making it a bit different with a twist. This xplains why it is a box office movie not because of the franchise but because it appeals to almost all type of movie-goers.

"Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: What happen to my car ?"

The movie also include some easter eggs (on purpose or mistake) for the viewers to discover by themself. I won't list them all here but Only a few that I found interesting.

1) When Sam gets his pants ripped off by Frenzy, his pants are left somewhere on the ground. But when he gets into Bumblebee, his pants are back on.

2) As Ron drives Sam past the Porsche dealership, the reflection of the camera car filming them is briefly visible on the dealership's windows.

3) Barricade is destroyed by Bumble Bee. But later in the movie, when Megatron contacts the Decepticons, Barricade shows up again on the road, but he is no longer included in the fight scenes between the Autobots and Decepticons.

"Sergeant Lennox: Stay cool guys !"

"Sergeant Epps: Err dude, look behind ..."

Another part that is interesting about the movie is the use of quotes that will forever stuck inside your brain. Some of it are

1) Bobby Bolivia: A driver don't pick the cars. Mmm-mm. Cars pick the driver.

2) Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: It's a robot. You know, like a super advanced robot. It's probably Japanese.

3) Jazz: You want a piece of me Megatron?
Megatron: No, I want two!
(after that, Megatron rips Jazz in half, poor guy errr robot)

4) Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: I bought a car. Turn out to be an alien robot... who knew?

Overall, the movie is at its best and trust me, you won't be dissapointed with it (to those who haven't watch the movie). The acting and the cgi was truely marvellous and the robots were simply cool. What more do you want from a movie huh ? If you want to know more about the movie, you can go to the IMDb website.

Have you guys (gamers) encounter the publics (publics here refers to people who dont play games often) and you accidentally use words like gg, neep, noob or something like gb, bs and farm ? One of the good examples is when you meet with your old friend/high school friend or maybe your cousins (basically people who are not 'gamers'). For me, a lot of times I accidentally use these terms that are only known in the gaming world. The most famous is 'gg' and neep/noob. In the end, I need to explain to them the meaning of these words.

So to help 'gamers' to converse with the 'publics' a whole lot better, I will be explaining the terms used in games especially the ones that involve interaction between the players. I will start with the term 'gg' and 'noob/neep'.

So what is 'gg' actually ? GG is actually the acronym of the word good game. The main use of this word is for example in a dota game, when u win , u will type gg as in good game (thanx for the good game). So from there, the gg word has been modified for use in other type of situation. It now means something like 'its the end', 'doomsday', or maybe 'i'm finish'. Let say in the middle of the game, your team is getting pwned (owned) and you can see that there is no way to win, so u can simply say with ur teammates, 'damn man, this game gg!'. Or when you are playing, you see one of your opponent's hero got their godly item already, then you say 'gg man, they got radiance (the item) already, shyt!'. So you see, this gg word also can be apply in our daily life. Let say you wake up late for work, then your housemate is there. He will say to you 'gg work man!'. It means that your are dead today, your boss for sure will scold you. Another example is when you already checked your results for your final examination. Then your fren(s) ask you about it. You will say something like this 'gg man' because u fail 1 or 2 papers or maybe u fail all of your papers.

"Snipe VS (Vengeful Spirit) FTW !!"

"Hahaahaha, GG VS !!

The next word, 'noob/neep' is actually derived from the word newbie. From newbie, remove the ie. You will get newb and from there, u replace the middle words with oo to make it sounds better and the people who hears it will feel much more insulted. Neep is another word that have the same meaning with noob. So it is basically used to insult another person. Let say, in the game, you ask that person to help you kill an enemy. That person mess everything up and you both ended up dying. You have the right to scold him 'NOOB' because his actions are the same like a newbie (new player). Another example is when a player that is using an intelligent (magician) character and that player uses/builds an agility or strength weapon that wont benefit as much as an intelligent weapon. So that person is obviously a noob because he/she doesnt know what kind of weapon that are suitable for the character. This word can also be used in a real life situation. Let say you friend ask you to help him/her edit some pictures because there is a lot of pictures that needs editing. Then if you ask back 'Hmm what software should I use ?'. You will get flamed 'NOOB'. This is because if you spend hours on the internet and sitting infront of the pc for like almost 24/7 then you should know the software used for editing images like example Adobe Photoshop. Another example is during exam week (if you are still studying). You friend(s) ask you about something that they dont understand in their subject but you should know about it because its a major thing in your studies. It turns out that you dont know anything about it. So this makes you a NOOB because you dont know anything about it hence like a new student.

"These guys must hate me so much!"

"Damn, I'm dying..."

"Hahahaha, NOOB!"

I hope the way I explain these terms is understandable. After this, 'gamers' and 'publics' can use these words freely. Watch out for part 2, part 3 and so on.