A Moment to Remember : MTH's Openhouse

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"Hari Raya" celebration is not complete without the "open house" event where people come to visit your house, eat up all your foods, make a mess and then leave. Last Saturday, it was my housemate, MTH's open house. I was among the first to arrive there because I need to go to another open house (my cousins's). A lot of people flock to his home during the first 1/2 hour after I arrived there. They were MTH's sisters friends (he got 2 sisters). A few minutes after that, 3 people arrived which is also my housemate, Shuji, and 2 of our friends, Donnie, and Virus (their real name are private and confidential). We waited for about 1 hour for the next batch of people to come. Talk about life, huh.

" From left, Antabax, Buster, Pepeto (Shawal), Jbol, Shuji, Virus, Donnie, Gon, Unidentified, Sheila, Lissa & Din while the one standing is MTH and next to him is Nirma "

It seems like the house is being invaded by MTH's sisters and their friends so while waiting for our turn to invade, we chill at MTH's porch. If you look closely, you can see some jar with chips inside. It is really delicious and you will know more about it later. So what is so special in MTH's house that people want to stay there for so long ? His house is actually a karaoke place in disguise. Luckily we have our own university (MMU) karaoke champion, Mr. Pepeto to save us some pride against UTP (the place where MTH's sister is studying at).

" Mr. Champion @ Pepeto "

" The duet brothers, Shuji & Donnie "

" The late comers, Jepp & Erin "

So back to the jar of chips story. About 3-4 persons finished up 3 jars. Okay, I got to admit that I'm one of the criminals. It is actually a traditional-like chip but with a different flavor. The one I like is the pizza-flavored chip !

" Donnie in action "

" One of the empty jar photographed by the criminal himself, Virus "

" Donnie is still munching the chips together with Virus "

" Buster doin his act with Jbol and MTH "

" Its time to rest ! "

Throughout the open house, it was raining heavily and I ended up staying there. Called my cousin and said that I won't be coming to his open house. LOL. After the karaoke session, we stayed there because Buster and Virus wanted to watch their idols playing (Liverpool...) which managed to score 3 goals but the final score is 2-1. Go figure ! Anyway, I would like to thanx MTH for inviting me to his open house and also thanx for the delicious chips which you have provided for us. I hope next time MMU will conquer his house first before UTP.

Recently, a "made in Malaysia" game, Ballistic Wars got 3rd place in the international Jay is Games Casual Game Design Competition #4! It is also the only Asian entry out of the 48 games submitted. It is created by Wan Hazmer which is the owner of Easy Only Games.

" This is the main characters of the game "

The idea behind the competition is to create a flash game using ball physics. Kinda cool huh ? I've played up until level 5 before I got stuck there. Maybe I'll try to finish the game up by tonight. Now let me explain a bit about the game.

" 3 vs 3, cmon, you can do it ! "

The gameplay is a bit like pool/snooker but the motive is to destroy the bombs that has been laid around the map. To destroy it, simply control ur soldier (in the form of a ball) to hit the bombs. You can control the direction of your soldier and also the traveling speed. Cool huh ?

" Give me the direction and charge the power up dude ! "

Besides the ordinary soldiers, you will have a few special soldiers for you to use to dispose the bombs. Some of the special ones that I encountered are the "Sniper" soldier that can shoot ammo from a distance and also the "Tanker" which is a big ball that travel slowly but deals huge damage. There is also 2 vehicle that can be found in the game. The first one is the "Ice-Cream" truck that can pull near-by bombs to it. The other van is the "Panic Tower" truck and its job is to repel near-by bombs to somewhere else.

" The cool "Sniper" dude aiming the target "

" The "Panic Tower" truck sending out waves to the public "

Okay, thats enough for the introduction. Don't wanna spoil the game for you all. You can play it for free at the Jay is Games website. The major thing that attracted me to keep playing it is the replay values. It have a lot of unique characters, different style of playing, and you need to use your brain quite often in order to pass the stage. Give it a try guys and I'm sure you'll like it !

Creator : Wan Hazmer (Ahbonk)
Company : Easy Only Games
Designer : Leenyin & Daimation
Source : Jay is Games

A Moment to Remember : Erks's Birthday

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On the last week of September 2007, about 6 fellas went to Sunway Piramid to celebrate a particular person's birthday. Who is that person ?

" Behold the birthday boy himself... "

" ...munching his soup ! "

Okay, the person is... Erks. Because his birthday land on the fasting month this year, we decided to celebrate his birthday by breaking our fast together at Chicken Hartz (Dejavu ? No actually, we went there also last year for his birthday !). The 6 fellas is non other than MTH (Capiq), Antabax (Azmeer), Slideways (Shuji), Soyaman (Donni), Buster (Pedot, he came late by the way), and the birthday boy himself, Erks.

" Buster's treasure "

" From left, Antabax, Soyaman, Slideways, MTH, Buster, and Erks "

After we're done with the chickens, we proceed to the smoking area which is nice actually because you can see the whole Sunway Lagoon and also the Sunway Hotel.

" I'm not in the picture, that explains the "amazing shot" of them 5 (i'm the photographer) "

" 6 feet down under "

After a lot of thinking on what to do next, we rejected the cinema to give way for karaoke. LOL ! Because we don't want to waste a lot of money for the karaoke (it is only for the 6 of us), we went on a hunt to find a cheap but nice place for karaoke. From Sunway Piramid, we travelled to SS15 Subang. According to Donny, there is a few place to karaoke there which will not cost us that much. Seems like we can't trust Donny that much because there is only 1 place for karaoke there and it cost a bomb to book a room there. Then we proceed to somewhere else and decided to check around Summit Usj (near Shuji's House). The karaoke center there is also for the rich and famous.

" Guess who is the photographer ? "

We tried for 1 last time and proceed to Summit Mall and if there is no karaoke available, we will watch a movie or something. This time, it was Shuji's idea. I cant stand but laugh when we found the karaoke place. It is such a small place where few cubicles reside in it. In the cubicle is where people sing. It can fit I say max 3-4 person. LOL ! Luckily, a few blocks from the "cubicle" karaoke, there is another karaoke place and this time, it might fit us all. Eventhough it is a bit cramp inside there, we still had fun. In the end, Buster chose Inul's song (Indonesian Dangdut) and " Cascada - Everytime We Touch " for our last 2 songs. Speechless is the word here.

" This is the most decent pic in the karaoke center "

" Time to pay "

Eventhough I got work tomorrow morning (we arrived at Cyberjaya around 2 in the morning), it wasnt a problem for me because I usually sleep around 3 in the morning (I can sleep during the lunch time, hey its fasting month la). Anyway, all the best for you Erks and Happy Belated Birthday.

Watch the video. Currently, it is viewed for about 1,456,238 times world wide (according to YouTube). The game is definitely World of Warcraft but the truck ? Must be the Toyota Hilux !

Compare the truck in the video with the one below

" The Toyota Hilux, but it is the old model though "

Same ? I say 90% identical !

Worm infecting your Firefox !

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If whenever you open your Mozilla Firefox browser, or try to install it, if your screen is similar to this picture below,

then I would like to wish you congratulations because your personal computer got infected by the W32.USBWorm. To clean it, you can try here or download the remover tool here. Good luck !