Finally, it is the end for all of you who are searching for the replays of the recent WCG 2007 : Asian Championships (DOTA) replays. It has just been released about two days ago and bravo to the management team for releasing it. With a lot of tourneys happening especially MYM Pride 7 and GGC Malaysia, this replays could help the teams participating. To download it, you can straight away go to the GGC Forum or alternatively, you can click here. Enjoy !

Source : Underminer @ Lowyat.Net

GGC Malaysia : Top 16

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Its been more than 1 week since the launch of GGC Malaysia league and all the matches have been played. The only remaining group is group F which needs to be decided with a tie-breaker. The three teams involved in the tie-breaker is MILK, OJB, and T-A.

So, the teams that are qualified for the finals will battle it out in a bracket format with 16 teams, 2 from each group. From the official thread here, the teams that qualify for the finals are Ct`G & SMGP from Group A, ATTP & PD from Group B, W4SI & NSP from Group C, KS & PLAB from Group D, ABC & -[V]- from Group E, MBJB from Group F, eD & [W.A.R] from Group G and last but not least XERO & TM STYLE from group H.

So far, the replays cant be distributed yet but I've got some of the replays courtesy of Iblis. Let see, if I've got time, I'll pick 1 and do a review of it. Lastly, good luck to the teams that qualified and better luck next time for those who didnt. Sayonara.