What can you get if you have 6 million dollars and a PS3 ?

" This setup can beat the cinemas and theaters out there "

" Just look at those speakers ? OMG ? "

" Sheer quality and in-style too "

More pictures below.

" This is the kind of setup you will get with 6 million dollars "

" Magnificent view "

" Thats quite tall for a speaker I must say ! "

" There is the PS3, sitting nicely on the centre rack, 3rd row "

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Watchout ! PSP on Fire !!

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Hmm, you guys better watch out now. Recently, a Playstation Portable overheated in a schoolboy's pocket which burned his leg. Well, his leg are still safe though, just some small burns actually.

" Don't think you are safe with the PSP in your pouch "

The Fire officials said that the leaking PSP's battery caused the burns. Hmm, I wonder how the battery got leaked because mine is still fine after 2 years of portable gaming, indoor or outdoor.

" Next time you want to lick your PSP, think again "

" Playing in the bathroom will always be the safest choice "

The Fire officials still don't know whats the cause of it. Well, for the time being, I don't think putting the PSP in your pocket is a good choice. Put it in a bag or something. Better be safe than sorry.

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Well, it's weird that some country in this world would ban games such as Counter-Strike and Everquest. Because of the ban, about 30 Brazilians consisting of gamers, teachers, and professionals that are related to the games held a peace demonstration to protest the ban by their government.

" English : My mom plays Counter-Strike "

The protest was organized by using the internet. Thought the protess never get the attention it needed, this is a good first step for the gamer community to organize themselves and try to appeal against the court decision that prohibited the sale of the games in Brazilian territory. Its a waste, really, because one of the top clan in the world, Made in BRazil originated from Brazil !

" One of the top Counter-Strike clan in the world, MiBR "

So what's next ? World of Warcraft ? Lineage II ? Warcraft III ? Dota All-Stars ?

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Eat This, Wii Fanboys !!

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Well, this is not something new but I want to share it because not everyone watched this video before. It is a direct flame for the Wii fanboys. They used the song "My Name is" by Eminem. Its now called "I Hate This". Enjoy.

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