It's been a week since the WCG 2007 ACG event where Cybertime RoA placed 2nd in the Dota All-Stars tournament. I have managed to catch one of their members, Kindaichi, for an online interview (through Because of work at the office and some other stuffs, I didnt manage to interview him earlier. Nonetheless, below is teh interview with Kindachi.

First of all congratulations to Roa for the 2nd place in WCG 2007 Asian Championship.


" Cybertime RoA, 2nd in Asia at WCG 2007 ACG "

Can you introduce to us about you and Roa ? How it all started ?
Po, Gin, Kindaichi and Doidoi got to know each other as we used to hang around Cybertime setapak. We played lan game quite often all the time. Next, Cybertime was forming teams and we are invited to be their gamers. I think most of the people know we did have teams such as Cybertime 1 and Cybertime 2 formerly. And then one time there was even Cybertime 3 where Chilam was in. After that, due to some personal circumstances, some of the members from both teams were not able to continue to be gamers and from there, the current Cybertime team was formed. The members were Chilam, Po, Gin, Kindaichi and Doidoi. Later, paulyan joined and team Cybertime became a team of 6. We are really happy to have such a great team. Without anyone of us, we could not have gone this far.

The matches are really tough, and it's unlucky that RoA lost to WE. What do you think about the final?
Refer to the question "From your opinion, whats the reason that RoA lost to WE ? Wrong draft ? Bad Strategy ? WE is better or just plain unlucky ?"

" The finals between China (WE) and Malaysia (Cybertime RoA) "

In the tournament, Bristleback are said to be the most imba (imbalance) hero. Any team that picked BB will win. What do you think about that?
I could not say teams taking BB will 100% win, but i could say the opponents would certainly have a hard time dealing with BB. Banning this hero would make DotA matches much more interesting.

" Focusing on the game "

" Cybertime RoA during the final match at WCG 2007 ACG "

From your opinion, whats the reason that RoA lost to WE ? Wrong draft ? Bad Strategy ? WE is better or just plain unlucky ?
Bad drafting was the main reason. We should have first picked BB. And they were good as well. Teamwork and personal skills were superb. Too bad we did not perform our best in the final. Our bad and we could blame no one but ourselves.

Besides China (WE), which country that you think had given Malaysia (RoA) a hard time ?
We faced Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Philippines before we met China in the final. I supposed Team Flow from Philippines was the toughest team among the teams we have played.

" Cybertime RoA on the left, WE in the middle, and Flow on the right "

Looking back to the days and life at Wcg 2007 Asian Championship, is there anything memorable about the event?
Well, the event was definitely an unforgettable experience for us. And we have to say we were experiencing many things for the first time in Singapore. Carrying a Malaysian flag and being interviewed, one by one introducing us on the stage, feeling like stars among ourselves, and much more.

" The crowd that was there watching the final match "

Now the tournament is over, whats the next event RoA will focus on ?
Of course the SMM grand final.

Which team is the biggest threat for RoA currently here in Malaysia that can upset you/RoA in the next coming tournament ?
All teams in Malaysia are equally good now. They frequently train and put a great eye on the SMM grand final. There are no specific teams I could mention because any teams could have upset us anytime and we would not look down on any teams in Malaysia.

I would like to say thanx to you and RoA for putting some time aside for this interview.
No problem.

Any last shout outs ?
No thanks.

Thanx again to Kindaichi for being such a sport and spending a bit of his time to do this interview. Anyway, I wish good luck to RoA for the coming tourneys especially the "SMM Grand Finale".

Source (image) : Chapree da Grande (Multiplay@LYN), and Marcus Soh (GXL League)

Currently, the state qualifier for this event has completed. Now, the only thing left is the grand finals which will be announced later. Below are the results for each state and also the recent qualifier at Melaka. Replays will be uploaded later.

For Johor, the 1st place goes to Ks1 while the 2nd place goes to Webster. 3rd and 4th place is taken by Auto-Eternal and MBJB.

The 1st place for N.Sembilan is won by the recently popular, W4si while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place goes to mKvL, Autosurf Fun and RevG.

For KL, its none other than the 2nd team in Asia, Cybertime RoA, who are at the 1st place. The rest are Cybertime 'G, Epic and Enet.eDts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Des Gaming, which is famous for its counter-strike team, FMJ, now has a dota team and suprisingly, they got the 1st place for the East Cost. This must be one of the teams to watch out for the finals. 2nd place goes to Tbun 2 and 4th place goes to Pro Extreme. The recent Batu Pahat, Johor Resurgence's winner, DNA-SKz placed 3rd.

IMAX conquered the Perak qualifier and got 1st place there. DNA fall short behind at 2nd place. The 3rd place goes to Soul and the 4th place goes to W4si's brother, W4si 2.

For Penang, Two teams from Ice managed to get the 2nd and 4th place that is team Ice 'PIA and team Ice 'Stim. The first place goes to the powerhouse clan, FTZ-EXC while the 3rd place goest to MINC.

At Selangor, Cybertime RoA younger brother, Cybertime managed to get 1st place. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place goes to Blitzone-1, sT, and CA.

NsP dominated the Sabah qualifier with the 1st place goes to Freedom-NsP and the 4th place goes to NsP-Alpha. EcT_Ace and Rip - SynMo both is at the middle of them at the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The recent qualifier at Melaka saw a quite a number of teams from Sino but only 1 got through that is Sino.Mng at third place. Teams that are quite strong in this qualifier is Surfzone which got 1st place and INC nicely sitting at the 2nd place. The 4th place goes to Team X.

Congratulations to the teams that qualify and good luck for the grand finals. A lot of the powerhouse clan in Malaysia make it and quite a number of clans that are quite new make an impact at the qualifiers. How will they fare at the grand finals ? Stay tuned. For more info about SMM Grand National Dota Tournament, click here.

Source : Gamma2k (Lowyat.Net), SMM

Yesterday, a qualifier was held at FMJ SS2 (formerly known as Clutch Gamers). This is the first of a few qualifiers that will be held around Malaysia and the first place of each qualifier will get seeded into the final 8 in WCG 2007 Malaysia Championship! The second and third place will not leave empty handed. They will receive prizes sponsored by the folks behind WCG.

I guess this is the chance for any counter-strike team in Malaysia to shine and excel because the registration fees has been waived. This is good news to some of the teams. You wont be forking extra money just to try your luck on qualifying for the final 8 and if you lose, you can still try again later at the final national qualifier.

Currently, the confirmed venue for the qualifier is;

11th August 2007 at FMJ, SS2 Petaling Jaya (FMJ won)
19th August 2007 at Winter Night, Taman Chi Liung, Klang
20th August 2007 at EXC Internet Cafe, Pudu
25 Aug 2007 at Tbun Cybercafe, Nilai
26 Aug 2007 at Tbun Cybercafe, Wangsa Maju

Regarding yesterday's event, the final match between FMJ and Hybrid was quite intense. FMJ was leading with 14-1 for the first half of the map (de_dust2). On the second half, Hybrid tried to bounce back and they managed to perform well but FMJ, champions of WCG for more than 3 times, show why they are still worthy for the title this year. They managed to clinch another 2 rounds to make the final score, 2-13 resulting to FMJ 16 - 14 Hybrid. It was a really close match. This should be a wake up call for FMJ if they are trying to win the title again this year. A lot of teams from Malaysia, especially Hybrid, are qualified enough to take down FMJ and this qualifier, Hybrid has proven why they are still among the feared teams in Malaysia. Even without hix (he went to the newly reformed, FMJ), they still managed to get 2nd and they lost the final match with only 1 round (if the score is 1-14 for the 2nd half, it will become a draw thus, they lost just by 1 round). The next qualifier will be at Winter Night, Klang. I would like to wish Hybrid and other teams joining the qualifier good luck and have fun and to FMJ, congratulations on winning the qualifier.

Source : nles (Lowyat.Net)