Before this year ends, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

" 2008, here we come !! "

King of Fighters's Cosplay

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Do you like cosplay ? Do you like King of Fighters ? Below are some pics for you to drool at.

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New Mario in the making !

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I found a new video clip of a Mario-like game. It could be a hit anytime now.

PSP/PS3 can control AIBO

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Quickie: This is my 100th post. Omedetou !

If you guys ever heard of AIBO before, the latest model that will be launched next year (could be) from SONY can be controlled using the PSP or PS3. Cool huh ? Before this, the AIBO is a replacement for a dog in a robot-form. So what is the extra features that this new AIBO have that its predecessor dont have ? Hold on to your anxiety first, I will reveal it after the picture below.

" The old model in black colour "

Besides that you can control the AIBO with your PSP or PS3, you can also control it via the internet. Yes, the internet, though I'm not sure how it is going to be implement but for sure there is some sort of program that can be used. The new AIBO also have a headcam with motion sensor and facial recognition built in. You can stream footage via wifi to your PSP as you control it. Besides that, if you are not at you home, your AIBO can guard it for you just like a real dog but a real dog can't e-mail you if anything irregular happen at your home but AIBO can.

" The AIBO can also transform into a baby "

Below is the picture where all these rumours originated from.

So, are you getting an AIBO next year ? Last time, the old AIBO didn't even enter our Malaysian market. You can just see them displayed at Sony Wings, KLCC. Lets see if this new AIBO can enter our market or not.

[ via GameSpot ]

Console Gaming got owned by PC Gaming

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All around the internet, people are debating whether console has overtake pc as a gaming medium or vice versa. I have found a pc vs console statistic on the web and to console gamers, sorry to say this, console got owned badly by pc. Take a look at the statistic and you'll know why.

" The difference between console and pc is just way too obvious "

Ks top 4; MYM Prime Defending 8

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Malaysian, especially the Dota Community, can be proud because our homegrown team, Ks has managed to position themself as top 4 in the on-going tournament, Meet Your Makers Prime Defending Season 8. But another Malaysian clan, Surfnet mKvL lose to Virtus.Pro. Can't blame them because Virtus.Pro is among the top Dota All-Stars clan in the world. You can see how they progress from the play-off tree below.

" The play-off stage "

Ks (Kingsurf) managed to beat Tomck.Net from Russia and BTB (Back To Basics) which have mixed players around the world. Among those two, BTB is highly rated but Ks won the game. From what I've heard, BTB was so frustrated with the game, they FFed (leave the game) around 40th minutes from the start. One of Ks members, Yamateh, has grown quite popular in the international scene. This is because, the way he played Shadow Fiend from several matches before, is considered godlike. More and more people download Ks replays to watch Yamateh's SF and also, Ks's magnificent teamwork. Let see how they will fare in the next match against the giant MYM. I'm sure Ks will have a back up plan because MYM, a very high level clan, will surely ban SF. Or maybe they will let Ks pick SF and they'll show the right way to handle SF. Time will tell.

Replays : Ks vs Tomck.Net, Ks vs Back To Basics

[ via MYM SENNHEISER Prime Defending 8 ]

My friend's clan, Pang5 managed to get 3rd placing overall. Congrats to them. The first spot goes to iRelax (Flizzardo's team) and the runner-up is FLJPW. Below is the pictures of the winners and also, some of my experiences on MMU GDC.

" iRelax (Flizzardo's Team) "


" Pang5 (Mth's Team, he do have 4 other players in his team but it is unknown where did they gone to) "

I still remember the days where I entered MMU GDC Dota Tourney. The first time was 2 years ago with ZED, Avicenna, TKO, and Fingolfin. It was really fun that time. We drafted all stunner heroes like Lion, Skeleton King, Sand King etc etc. Our team were called B4ME which means Battlefield for(4) Middle Earth, the game Avicenna were addicted to at that time. We won the first game and TKO was our hero. The moment he managed to complete his Black King Bar (he was using Scorpion King), we defended well and managed to kill all 5 of the opposing heroes and after that, we controlled the game, and after a series of killing and pushing, B4ME won the game. We were quite noob then because we never use any ward and rarely gang-bang our enemies.

Last year, I have formed another team for the GDC and the members are me, Buster, Zed, Is, and Joe. This time, its even funnier, but at the same time, I was so frustrated with the tournament because we didnt even past the first round. I dont want to blame anyone and I myself realised that I didnt quite perform on that game. The game was messed up, so unorganized, all the things we practiced the night before couldnt be executed. From my opinion, our opponents heroes are not what we expected. The method of the tournament is Scourge vs Sentinel and we got Scourge. We ended up losing quite bad. Nonetheless, it was that time I realised, a last minute team cant make the cut (just like during the Counter-Strike days). We played only 2 games together and that was the night before the tournament. Well, whats past is past. I enjoyed myself despite losing the game. A lot of funny things happen that day including Zed and Buster who arrived late. Seriously, its funny when you think about it again, and the reason ? They got owned by Teletubbies.

Anyway, congrats to the winners for the MMU GDC Dota All-Stars especially to my friends, Pang5(Panglima aka Warrior). All the best for the next tournament guys. To those who are looking for the replays, click here.

[ pictures via MMU GDC Flicker ]

So, are those machine of yours called "XboX360" and "PS3" are just collecting dust in your garage ? Take note that you can do much more with those stuffs beside playing games. Before you watch the videos below, a piece of advice, this is just for entertainment. It is not a direct assault or flame towards SONY or Microsoft. You have been warned. Anyway, enjoy these clips below.


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Since the launching of the gaming laptop, XPS, from DELL, gamers have an option to buy a gaming laptop rather than the plain laptop with specs that can play games. Eventhough in Malaysia, there is not much demand yet, words are spreading around about the 'new kid' from DELL. This time, that particular 'kid' have received a total makeover. This is where Blizzard comes in.

The model selected for the makeover is none other than the XPS M1730. Rest assured that the specs is really that good, it can even be sold for twice its price (exaggerate). Some of the specs that are worthy to mention is the over-clockable[ii] Intel®Extreme Edition Core™ 2 Duo processor (up to 3.4GHz), NVIDIA SLI graphics power and 512MB of dedicated video RAM with DirectX® 10, AGEIA PhysX mobile processor and built-in Logitech® GamePanel LCD, full HD 17-inch widescreen, Blu-ray Disc™ (DELL loves Sony), built-in camera and digital array microphones, Mobile Broadband,[iv] Wireless-N, Bluetooth, and Dell's exclusive Wi-Fi Catcher™, dual headphone jacks, noise-isolating ear buds and last but not least, a portable ExpressCard media remote for you to swipe your credit card and pay your gaming bills (this one I'm not 100% sure). With all the specs, it is more than enough for you to play all those latest graphic-hungry games.

" The standard XPS M1730 "

So, what is exactly the makeover that was done to this 'kid' ? With the likes of Blizzard, I'm sure games like Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and not forgetting World of Warcraft will pop up in your mind (Hint: MMORPG). Take a look below for the answer.

" I bet 70% of you have this in your mind first, World of Warcraft "

" The inside look "

Besides the specs, Blizzard is generous enough to include goodies together with the laptop. With around 9 million customers world-wide, I don't think they need any more reason to be kind. Some of the goodies are World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade™ pre-loaded on system with the latest patches and updates, A World of Warcraft-themed backpack that includes the retail box copies of World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, and the Warcraft® Battle Chest , which includes with Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos™ and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne™.

" Box Concept for the laptop "

Thats not all, Blizzard also throw in together with the laptop a special Quest Envelope that ships separately with exclusive rare items for example, a Golden Ticket that allows the customers to receive a special custom FigurePrint based on the actual World of Warcraft character that they play and an Account Upgrade Certificate enabling the upgrade of a World of Warcraft account1 to receive the Collector's Edition pets from both the original World of Warcraft Collector's Edition and the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Collector's Edition. Sounds nice huh ? With a mere tag of USD 4,499, this is really a good deal especially for gamers who wants to get started on WOW (or those who want a new laptop for Christmas).

[ via Kotaku & YouTube ]

MMU GDC Counter-Strike 1.6 Results

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Today (Sunday) is the last day of the tournament hosted by the Game Developer's Club from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The games that are selected for the event is none other than Counter-Strike 1.6, Dota All-Stars and Fifa 08. Below is the banner for the event.

Currently, I only have the details for Counter-Strike 1.6. The Counter-Strike's Head Marshall, Arshad (neoexcaliber), is a friend of mine. Its been awhile since I've played Counter-Strike especially with the MMU students (3-4 years ?). There is about 11 teams that entered the tournament. Below are the results sorted by day 1 till day 3.

" Day 1, Friday "

" Day 2, Saturday "

" Day 3, Sunday "

Eventhough I wasn't there to spectate the matches, the final matches between wRjn and Otai is a really close fight judging by the scores they get from the matches. Otai fought all the way from the loser bracket. In order to win the Counter-Strike tournament, Otai must win 2 games while wRjn need only 1 game to win. This is because wRjn is from the winning bracket. The first match, played on de_inferno, won by Otai with the score 16-14. The second match on the other hand, was played on de_dust2 and wRjn managed to win and thus, became the overall champion. For ddM, they lost to Otai for the loser bracket's final with the score 16-10 on de_inferno.

The overall results:

1st : we R just noobiez (arshad, baha, heikal, haibo, huanyu)
2nd : Otai (prajesh, badari, izzudin, gujunyi, anas)
3rd : ddM (ferhan, kheng wee, chee yeong, zharif, imran)

"Eyes of a Gamer" would like to wish the winners congratulations and for the losers, better luck next time. Anyone who wishes to know more about the Counter-Strike tourney (brackets, schedules, results, demos) can proceed to their homepage.

[ via GDC Counter-Strike 1.6 ]

Good Luck !

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I would like to wish my fellow friends Good Luck for their final. They have managed to pass the qualifying round and reach the final stage where 3 groups will fight each other. All the best guys for the Dota All-Stars tournament. Sorry I couldn't make it.

If you feel that the Japanese are weird especially when it comes to games show, culture, and of course, video game, well, it appears that the Koreans is not far behind. After surfing the net for some weird games, I've come across a game made by a South Korean company called Taff System that is quite bizarre. Ever heard of Boong-Ga Boong-Ga ?

" The leet Boong-Ga Boong-Ga poster "

So whats the game all about ? The main objective of the game is to spank or perform kancho (anal probing) on a fake butt attached to the Boong-Ga Boong-Ga machine. You can do it by using the plastic finger that is also attached to it. There is about 8 characters that you can choose to anal-probe which is ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, gangster, mother-in-law, gold-digger, prostitute, child molester, and con artist.

" The man and the machine "

After you probe your target, their facial expression will be displayed on the screen. It is indeed satisfying to see the person's face that you just probe. After all the action, the machine will give you 1 card that will show your sexual behavior ratings. If you perform exceptionally well, you will be awarded with a small plastic trophy in the shape of pile of feces.

" A guy anal-probing his target "

" This is the mascot of the game, you know what it is "

Now you get the idea yea ? How weird and bizarre is that ? This is not your normal average arcade machine that you can found anywhere except in Japan and Korea. Heck, the game even got highly praised at the Tokyo Game Show in April 2ooo. So guys, if you have some weird concept or idea for a game, you know where to go and market it.

Are you OK ?

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I'm currently at the office right now. After about 1 week of working, I've felt that I'm not prepared for work, not yet, not now. But life goes on.

" I don't even have time to play game nowadays "

Help Dota Allstars get into WCG !!

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Guys, DotA-Allstars needs your help!

Almost all the gamer in the world know what the World Cyber Games is for, but for some unfortunate soul who dont know, WCG is one of the biggest ESports event with participants from around the world. There is about 12 titles to be obtained by pwning each other for glory and gold (cash).

Out of all the 12 games offered, sadly, Dota is not included. Eventhough there is a vote to include other games, Dota is still not an option. The closest Dota ever get into WCG is the WCG 2007 Asean Championship. This has got to change. For a start, you can help Dota Allstars by writing an e-mail to ICM, the company behind WCG, and freaking ask them to include Dota in the World Cyber Games (please write in a manner way).

" The recent WCG 2007 Asean Championship "

So, if you guys are interested to help Dota Allstars, please proceed to the official website for more info. If you're really a hardcore Dota gamer, then the first thing that you should have in your mind right now is to figure what you want to write in your e-mail.

[ via Dota Allstars ]

Have you started work ? Or are you searching for a job ? You know, using cuff links can alter your image completely especially if you are a gamer. Cufflinks have a few designs up their sleeve for those who are into high tech stuffs and try to guess what you guys can find in there that can best match a gamer.

" What kind of design that can suit us gamers ? "

Well, one thing for sure, it won't attract everyone in the gaming scene. This is because, everyone has their own preferences in life and a video game machine doesn't escape the list. So, if you love the PlayStation brand from Sony then you should fall in love very quickly with the cufflink below.

" The design is inspired by the PlayStation controller "

" The cufflink in action "

Well, if you have the money, just go to the Cufflinks website and get yourself a pair of this fine design. A bit warning though, it is not that cheap. Think wisely.

What are the games that you must play before the end of the year ? The editors at Amazon have compiled the top 10 games for this year.

" 1. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii) "

" 2. The Orange Box Compilation (PC) "

" 3. Bioshock (PC) "

" 4. Zelda : The Legend of the Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS) "

" 5. Rock Band (XboX 360) "

" 6. God of War (PlayStation 2) "

" 7. Call of Duty 4 (PlayStation 3) "

" 8. Crysis (PC) "

" 9. Ratchet & Clank Future (PlayStation 3) "

Last but not least, Microsoft's greatest release of the year

" 10. Halo 3 (XboX 360) "

Out of all the games listed, I've only played no 2 and no 3 which is "The Orange Box Compilation" and "Bioshock" respectively. There is only about 1 month plus left to try the remaining 8 games which is quite impossible for me to achieve it. I guess just the usual Dota All-Stars and Counter-Strike is enough for me until next year.

[ via Amazon ]

Nowadays, its hard to catch a criminal that is wanted by the police especially in the USA. In order to catch this fugitives, the police need to use out of the book tactics. This is what happen at El Paso, Texas, USA recently. A joined forces from the U.S Marshals and the El Paso State Police managed to trick about 115 fugitives to their arrests.

" The skyline view of El Paso, Texas "

So how did they do it ? What kind of method do they use that lead to the arrests ? Any particular high tech device involved ? The picture below will explain it all.

" Say hye to the XboX 360 "

The plan ? The criminals were led to believe that they actually won an XboX 360 and eventually, they will get arrested once they show up to claim their prize.

" Fernando Sucre: Aww, so there is no XboX 360 for us ?

" Scofield: Quit yapping there and help us dig the hole "

So there you go. Another handy thing that you can do with the revolutionary XboX 360. So whats next ? Maybe it can be used to garner votes for the politicians ? Well, lets just use the Playstation 3 for that. Hehehehe.

[ via GameRush ]

The "World of Warcraft" Effect

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Ever heard of the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called "World of Warcraft" (WOW) before ? If not, I bet you are not an earthling. The game can cause severe damage to your ordinary life. If you still want to indulge WOW, read the comic below and you might just forget about playing WOW.