Following the heat of Blizzard's launching of Starcraft II, SMM is holding a national Starcraft I (Broodwar) tournament this month till April.

" The official poster from SMM website "

" The venue and dates for the event according to the states "

Below are the results from the states that already held the event.

" Negeri Sembilan state "

1st : m1-cobo
2nd : m1-Timber2k7
3rd : Lee
4th : blueloo

" Pahang state "

1st : M1-Ash
2nd : Bender
3rd : Skyline
4th : 123

" Selangor state "

1st : M1-MarinE
2nd : M1-Bb
3rd : Protox
4th : Golden_compass

EOAG would like to congratulate all the winners of the state event.

MYM Prime Defending 10 launched !

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Gamers, specifically Dota All-Stars players, MYM Prime Defending is back again. The online tournament hosted by Meet Your Makers is so famous and well known world wide. This is one of the reason it can be run successfully albeit some minor issues and conflicts.

" The logo for MYM Prime Defending #10 "

The previous tourney, Prime Defending #9, MYM which is the host for the tournament, managed to snatch the first place back from Virtus.Pro who won it before. Second place goes to WG and lastly, Virtus.Pro is 3rd. During the finals for the loser-bracket, Virtus.Pro ff-ed the matches, thus WG advanced to the grand finals automatically.

" KS won 2nd place in SINGTEL 2007 GXL Season 2 "

We also cant forget the big issue from the last tournament where Team KS from Malaysia was falsely accused cheating/maphacking. In the end of the day, they were proved innocent (c'mon, who would cheat infront of 1-2k of fans watching from behind in a cyber-cafe ?). Time will tell if KS will join this tourney again. Same goes to the other Dota clans originated from Malaysia.

Official Site : MYM Prime Defending 10