Kentucky Fried Cruelty ? ZOMG !!

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Lets stop gaming or whateva you are doin now for awhile for some serious matter concerning the world's most famous chickens. This matter has been around for quite some time and I've just discovered it few days ago. Now, I want to share it with you all. Ever heard of KFC ?

" Yummy ? Think again ! "

It stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken and obviously everyone knows that. It is now been branded Kentucky Fried Cruelty by some protesters. So why they branded KFC as Kentucky Fried Cruelty ? It is because KFC did some cruel things to the chickens. The way they bred and kill it is way too cruel for some people to accept. Heck, I don't think anyone can accept it but thats how it works. Just shut your eyes and eat teh chickens. Well people say that talk means nothing without proof. So lets take a look at the video below so that you can justify it for yourself.

This whole anti-KFC campaign is totally supported by PETA. Now, everywhere in this world, once in a while, they will run some campaign for people to realise how cruel KFC has become. Not just by PETA, a lot of people seems to join the bandwagon. After all, teh chickens needs to be taken care of with love before they are slaughtered and eventually, become our food. Its all fair and square rite ? If it is treated brutally and killed with cruelty, its a one-sided thing and its not good for our reputations as a human. The aliens will look down on us.

" Alien: Treat those chicken fairly or we will invade you ! "

Anyway, below are some pictures I found on the net regarding this 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty' campaign.

" The chickens are really mad now ! "

" Hajimemashite (nice to meet you). Choose the KFC's 'chicks' or choose us. "

" An nyong ha se yo (hello). Say no to KFC ! Kam sa ham ni da (thank you) "

" Tak nak KFC ! (don't want KFC) "

" Dlya menya eto ochen'neobychny sposob znakomstva (I don't usually meet people in this way). Just wanna tell you that KFC tortures 'chicks' "

As far as I'm concern, KFC Malaysia don't practice this kind of 'cruelty' to their chickens. Although there is some rumours goin around all this while, it is still not proven and heck should be considered a hoax. Are you up to it ? Are you willing to sacrifice KFC just because some part of this world, KFC did some injustice towards teh chickens ? Time will tell but for me, don't think that I'm ready yet. Anyway, if you support this movement, you can get you own Kentucky Fried Cruelty Sign and put it in your blog, website, friendster or whatever-lah. I did one for myself too since its free. We can't reject free things. Anyway, you can read more on this by visiting here and here.

" Ownage "

Quickie I: Congrats to the winner of IZone Cyber Cafe's Dota Competition (at Nilai organized by INTI College) which is MkvL (1st place), Champion (2nd place), & L1 (3rd place).

Quickie II: Congrats to Cybertime1 for winning the SMM Dota Selangor Qualifier. Also congrats to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, which is Blitzone-1, sT, and CA.

The World Cyber Games : Asian Championship return again for the 2nd time and it will be held at Singapore (like last year) from 2nd to 5th August 2007 @ Suntec Convention Centre Hall 602. It is the Pan-Asian regional league that comprises of 12 Asian Countries including Australia and New Zealand. It is a side event from the WCG management and it aims to bring the best out of the Asian gamers in a competitive yet friendly environment. The participating countries are Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Malaysia is participating in 3 out of 5 games involved which is Dota All-Stars, Fifa 2007 and Warcraft III. Below is the group fixtures for the games (including the other 2 games which is Dead or Alive 4 and Age of Empires III) courtesy of who watched the videos and captured a screen shot of it.

"Malaysia's Representative : loOn4tic"

"Malaysia's Representative : battleangel"

"Malaysia's Representative : Cybertime RoA [Paul_Yan, po, doidoi, gin, & kindaichi]"

For Dota All-Stars, Malaysia are grouped together with Australia and Thailand. From my point of view, Australia's dota scene is quite big and recently they even announce a dota league to spread their dota scene even more. So, Australia might be Malaysia's toughest opponent here. This is because, eventhough Thailand also have a dota community, they lack international exposure where else our own representative, RoA participated in the recent MYM Prime #6 and managed to reach the quarter-final. From this, I might say that we can win against them.

Meanwhile, our neighbouring country, Indonesia and Singapore are grouped together with India. India shouldn't be a problem for them. I guess its just going to be between Singapore and Indonesia. Both have international exposure but Singapore do have an advantage because their result(s) internationally are better than Indonesia. Time will tell for both countries. Who knows, India, with a relatively unknown dota scene, might beat Indonesia or Singapore.

Is this Malaysia's path to stardom ? With recent results from our representatives in local and international scene, this event might just be the platform to launch our country as one of the feared countries in cyber games. I wish all the best for them. GG.

046461234 : A Ghost in Disguise

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Quickie: Congrats to DNA-SK for winning the Batu Pahat tourney. Also congrats to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, which is Zenith, MKvL, and Cybertime-RoA.

"Moshi moshi, are you 046461234 ?"

Guys, not sure if this is old news or not but recently, a local telephone number has been spreading around like wild fire. This is because it is rumoured that the phone number is actually haunted. Is it told that after you dial the said number, a sad girl's voice will be heard repeating words like "Jai Jian le" (see you again, jumpa lagi) and the weird thing is, you wont be charged for the call. Scary huh ? Anyway the haunted number is 046461234 (number from Penang, Kedah or Perlis). Anyone have the guts to try it ? Some even claimed that before putting the phone down, they can hear the girl said "you have 7 days remaining". OMG ? Similar to the horror story from Japan, 'The Ring'. Furthermore, it is said that the voice belongs to a girl before she commit suicide.

A quick search using Google reveals more and more website about this number. There is a lot of claim from Malaysian. Some of them are bullshyt I must say but some are real that it will make you shyt on your pants. I will list some of the claims/reactions about the haunted number gathered around the net (especially from copy-pasted without any editing.

'my colleague and i called at the same time and it really got through'

'DANG..I keep calling the number but suddenly the voice changed and said 'want come to accompany me?' WAHLIAU!....Don't call wei!'

'i'm using prepaid, and it doens't charge my credit..hope it doesn't charge my blood..'

'She was saying 'Jai jian le' (Goodbye)and then she suddenly screams 'Pu yao ta lai le' (Don't call here anymore. I threw my phone and break it. Thats the last word and its echoing in my head now. Is there really such a person? Can someone tell me the truth?'

'it could be land line connected to a answering machine or a programmable device... There's lot of people said that you won't be charged for calling this number... strange... base on the format of the number it's not a toll free number... or tm make it a toll free number? or the waiting tone is changed to the recorded voice... it must be tm people doing it'

'experienced before..but with different number and a girl was on the line shouting "help me help me !" and i was like wtf ?'

'hey, even hantu won't subscribe for a TM fixed line. He/she has to stay for another 12 months to pay for the bills, ahaks!'

'I'll pray for you guys if none of you post after 7 days. Peace.'

'SH!T! i got 7 days life left T_T this is wat the phone told me when i disconnect, after disconnect, there still got sound tat telling how many days life i got left....TS (thread starter), u murder me!!!!'

'it's a trap. prepare to receive scam sms/calls from marketing companies in the future'

'I call telekom ask them if this number is available they say no. I ask why , they ask me back why I need to know this number. I cincai say I like this sequence of digit for my house phone want to buy from the owner of this number, so they tell me , it is currently under pending for some investigation. I ask what , they say the girl own this number murder her own family and commit suicide. I ask then investigate what , just release the number and let me have it lah , the operator say need to know the reason for suicide bla bla bla, I dont dare to dial'

'I called and she gave me this Saturday's Magnum 4D first prize number'

'ok i was pretty afraid to call that number so i call telekom to verify and they told me the exact story something extra... they say the phone number is pending investigation and blocked! and no way anyone could call that number anymore. why the number is blocked?
becoz they received reports that strange things happened to those who listened to that voice...
and to think that u guys actually successfully called the number zai jian la...wooooooo'

'i heard my uncle say the number is a scam if u dun belive but u will be scared and this is what happens AFTER 7 DAYS if u called the number:

the number will call u back in 7 days at nite exactly at 1 am and 3 am... will u dare to pick up?'

'All that I could remember is that I black out after calling this number. I could listen to a voice putting me to sleep. She gently told me to let go. I don't know let go off what. I just feel really sleepy and I doze off. My girlfriend said I was mumbling 'Goodbye' in Mandarin. And she tried waking hard waking me up. After applying 'Minyak Cap Kapak' under my nostrils, I woke up blurry. Thats all that I can remember. I'm scared'

'i was trying to forward the number on the net yesterday night around 10 pm... suddenly my line no more interenet access... the DSL is stable... but cant connect to streamyx... i called streamyx n they said my line is active... they had file me the report... i wonder is there anything related after i called tat number.... still got 6 days more =..='

'i think jai jian le until the person saying also sien'

'oh my god when I dialed the number my dog started barking at me, then I felt a cold wind. a really cold wind, no joke! am I going to die?'

'She's a nice girl. I talked to her a couple of times. She told me she was lonely and she just wanted someone to talk to. I thought, why not la huh. I'm alone sometimes and everybody needs a friend also. So I called her. There was no ringtone. She answered right away. I chatted with her a while. She told me her parents were out and she doesn't sleep much.Everything was okay. Until the moment I asked her, her name. She just kept repeating 'Jai Jian Le'. And I heard the exact whisper behind me.Gosh, I must have fainted'

'The ghost gonna be very busy in 6 more days, hunting all of you and others. Thanks for the workload. Any girl who don't want to die a virgin can contact me'

So guys, anyone dare to call the number ? If you are scared to call, n's from managed to record the song. You guys can download it here. Anyway, watch a live ghost in action below. Will scare you till you shyt yer pants.