First of all, do you guys know the term 'cosplay' ? For a head start, click here. Its well known that people who love anime (Japanese animation) & manga (Japanese comic), and video games created by the Japanese will involve themself with cosplay. Either they dress up as their fave character to the cosplay event or they just attend it as a normal spectator. This craze has spread almost everywhere in the world where anime & manga is available. This craze (cosplay) also exist in the country where Spaghetti, Pasta, and Pizza is their trademark, Italy. Well how did they fare ? Just observe this particular model from Italy, Francescadani, who specializes in cosplay below.

" Francescadani as Cassandra Alexander from Soul Calibur 2 "

" Francescadani as Stellar Lousier from Gundam Seed Destiny "

" Francescadani as Katase Shime from Stellvia of the Universe "

" Francescadani as Kasumi from Dead or Alive 2 "

" Francescadani as Nagisa Misumi from Futari wa Pretty Cure "

" Francescadani as Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers "

Nice eyy ? This girl has proven that cosplay is not just for the people from the land of the rising sun, Japan. It is for everyone who are interested in anime, manga, and videogames that comes from Japan. Cosplay also has spread its wings here in Malaysia but it is still in its infant stage. Time will tell if its gonna become a huge craze like it is in Japan.

Leet Bristle-Jungle-Back

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Have you tried solo-ing the jungle in dota all by yourself during the first few minutes ? Not all hero can do this because the neutral creeps there are quite strong. Enter BristleBack. So how do you farm the jungle with BB the first few minutes for the sentinel side ? Watch the video below !

" Leet jungle farmer in action !! "

" Get your copy of the original Command & Conquer before its too late !! "

I think almost everyone have played or still playing the Command & Conquer and FIFA series. Guess what ? The first series of Command & Conquer are up for grabs and YES ! It is FREE but you still need to pay your internet bill because you need to download it from their website here. This is to celebrate their 12th anniversary. Although it is an old game, its free and the game still have some value for true loyal Command & Conquer fans. To whoever who have not played the original Command & Conquer, go ahead and download it now !!

" Your favourite football/soccer game, FIFA, is up for download !! "

For football/soccer fans who are loyal to the FIFA series, their latest upcoming version, FIFA08 is up for download and its FREE too. Don't get too excited though, its just a demo version. But hey, if you are a fanatic FIFA fan, then you wont miss it for teh world except dota. Anyway to download it, just click here. Enjoy !!

Do any of you guys have a PSP ? It is an acronym for PlayStation Portable ! Anyway, this post is not about the PSP. It is about the most popular RPG series ever created by SquareEnix (formerly SquareSoft), Final Fantasy. Among all the version it have, the most widely spread around the world is none other than the 7th part of the series that is the Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation One platform. The game's fanbase itself is huge and SquareEnix even created a movie just for the fans and yeah, it is VERY successful. If you haven't watch the movie, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, sadly to say, you are not a complete gamer yet !

So what is Crisis Core actually ? It is a spin off based on the original FF VII. It is the prequel to the story in FF VII. The gameplay this time is a bit different than the standard FF RPG series. It is categorized as an Action RPG. This means that it is still a role playing game but the battle scene will be a bit different. This is SquareEnix last entry for their "Final Fantasy VII Compilation Project" which includes Before Crisis : Final Fantasy VII for mobile, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children for CD/DVD and Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus for PlayStation Two. So, before the release of this game around the 13th of September (most probably the Japanese version), lets take a look of the trailer, game intro, and lastly, the ad.

" The trailer is with subtitles translated by fans for fans "

" This is the game introduction for Crisis Core "

" With this ad, Sony will no doubt generate more fans for the game and the PSP platform "

Masturbating in BioShock ?

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Quickie : Congrats to Malaysia under 23 Football Team. They managed to bring the Merdeka Cup back to Malaysia's hand.

Ever heard of the game BioShock ? It is a first person shooter (fps) game created by the fine souls at 2K Boston/2K Australia. It was released on 21 August, 2007 for the PC and XBOX 360 platform. The game is a role-playing and survival horror type game where u will be jumping out of ur seat often. In the game, you'll be piloting Jack, a plane crash survivor, who need to explore the underwater city of Rapture and survive what ever it has to offer (mutated beings, mechanical drones, u get the idea). Ironically, the year set for the game is 1960. Quite old for an advanced underwater city. Well, thats where the mystery starts to kick in. To know more, just play the game.

Anyway, back to the topic, this new highly rated and promising title actually have a lot of bugs and glitches. A game this big will not escape the fate of bugs and glitches rite ? Yes indeed but the most interesting glitch that I want to share here is the 'masturbating' scene in the game. Afraid not, it is not 18SX. Anyone can view it. The video for the glitch is right below. So what you think of it ?