Today, there is rare thing happened here in Cyberia Condominium, Cyberjaya. It is located near the Multimedia University. The thing started when me, MTH, and Din were walking to MTH's car that was parked outside of the condo. While we were at it, we saw a police patrol car and a fire truck.

Most of the people there are looking towards the sky. I was wondering why ? Maybe there is unit that has caught fire or something. When we look up, what we saw up there made us lost our appetite to eat.

We tried to calm down first. So we continue to walk, and as I past the guard post, I look back at the girl for a clearer view.

From this angle, you guys might think that the unit is on the 3rd of 4th floor. Let me show you how high the place is.

Some foreigners were also there to witness this 'suicide attempt'

You can see here that the girl is not fooling around. She was in a hysteria state.

After that we canceled our trip to Alamanda, Putrajaya and decided to have a quick lunch at the nearby food stalls @ bus station, Street Mall. When we got back, another fire truck arrived.

A lot of people has gathered to watch this thing and it turns out that the policemen and the firemen has managed to safe the girl.

The police patrol car is parked near the entrance of the building, C1, to transport the girl to somewhere else probably to a counseling place to calm her down.

This is the view from below.

They managed to wrap the girl around with some sort of cloth and carried her into the police patrol car.

After that, they drove away with the girl.

It seems that the policemen and firemen managed to 'backdoor' her room and catch her before anything happen. Anyway, from my point of view, I dont think she will do it because I know she still have some sanity. Respect to the people involved on saving her life.

I wish all the best for the girl and her future. Rest assured, what comes around, goes around.

Have you guys watched the famed tv series 'Heroes' ? Do you guys know that one of the songs in their soundtrack is from Nidji (a band from indonesia that are making airwaves now). The song is called Heaven. Currently, there is no official video but there is one video made by a 'peminat' (fan). That particular fan really likes the japanese tv series called Sh15uya. So the video have some scenes from Sh15buya and the song is Heaven. Its so awesome. I am posting the video here for you all to see and also the lyrics to it. Enjoy !

Nidji - Heaven

Don’t beg
Don’t cry to your children
Don’t even cry
To your papa
Don’t try
To beg to your people
Don’t even cry
To your mama

‘Cause Heaven is too far
Away tonight
Heaven is too far
Away.. tonight

Don’t laugh
Don’t scream to your children
Don’t even cry to your sister..
Don’t talk
Don’t play with the children
‘Cause you ain’t gonna get my heart

No time for playing games !!

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Lately I have no time to play computer games especially dota. I am at the office everyday from 8:30 AM till 6:30 PM. When I reached home, I feel so tired. The only thing that keeps me up is my daily routine that is checking my emails, read news online, Friendster, Myspace, Lowyat forum bla bla bla. By the time I'm done with it, its already 11-12 PM and I need to sleep so I can wake up early the next day. Why didn't I play dota first and spend less time on my daily routine ? My brain cant handle the sheer pressure of dota and if I did play, I will just feed (give the opponents free kill(s)). Oh shucks ! I really miss playing games especially DOTA !! Its close to 3 weeks now. This weekend maybe I can resume my normal gaming activity and then, back to work like usual. I kinda miss a student's life. You can play games everyday, anytime and until your brain explode. I hope next week, I will have less work so that I can spend some time at night to play games atleast for 1-2 hours. Nothing beats the fun that you get from PWNING some other dude(s) online !! GG.

Terms used:
PWNING = killing
GG = Good Game