GGC Malaysia : Ks from Johor Bahru won

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Yesterday's match was a breath taking one. How can I know this when I dont even get to connect to the GGTV server ? Let just say I have some psychic power. Anywy, not sure if my connection is fcuked up or there are too many gamers connecting to the server that disabled me to join it. Anyway, I've got some info from the official GGC thread here. The first match, Ks played on the sentinel side and they picked Priestess of the Moon, Queen of Pain, Sven, Lina, and Shadow Fiend where else W4SI, on the scourge side, picked Tinker, Drow Ranger, Tormented Soul, Zeus and Spectre. Ks managed to win the first match. The second match, it was W4SI's turn to play on the sentinel side and they drafted Faceless Void, Zeus, Viper, Sven, and Necrolyte while Ks, on the scourge side, drafted Queen of Pain, Centaur Warchief, Tormented Soul, Nerubian Assasin, and Tinker. W4SI lost again and Ks was crowned the champion of the first GGC Malaysia Dota tournament.

The replays are out with some details about it which you can read it here. Thanx to Nasriq, Ns-Hon, and also Underminer for organizing this tournament. I hope that he will send to me the other matches's replay too. Lastly, good luck to Xero and Cybertime`G for their 3rd and 4th placing.

Source : GGC

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GGC Malaysia : Final Tonite via GGTV

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Tonite is the final match for the GGC Malaysia Tournament. So who won at the semi final ? Suprisingly, Ks proved themself that they are worthy for the final spot when they managed to defeat Cybertime`G. Both teams are quite strong but thats the rule of the game, only the winner can proceed. The other semi final match is team Xero against W4SI and well, as some has predicted, W4SI defeated Xero and they will proceed to the final round against Ks. Xero still have a chance to shine which is for the 3rd place so does Cybertime`G.

Anyway, the final match which is tonite is where W4SI and Ks will fight for the glory to take the title home for the first ever GGC Malaysia tournament. It will be around 11:30 PM Malaysia Time which is 12 hours ahead of EST, and 8 hours ahead of GMT. Dont miss the chance to watch this final match LIVE via GGTV. Below are some quick guide on how to watch the final match using it courtesy of Iblis (skip step 1-3 if you are have installed GGClient already).

1) Download and install the GGClient (if you dont have it yet)
2) Follow the step by step instruction there on how to install it
3) Register your nick and log in
4) Look for GGTV!! icon at the top-right corner of your GG Client.
5) Select the game that you want to watch (the final match, of course)
6) After you click it, it will prompt your WC3, select Local Area Network and select the game.
7) Enjoy!

I'll be spectating the game also tonite unless my internet connection fux me up. Dont miss it for the world guys !!

From Gaming to Nascar

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With all the ads about gaming especially the ones related to the new Nintendo's console, Wii and Microsoft latest console, XboX 360, they have found a new platform to exploit and to market their console. You wouldnt have guessed it in the first place. Its Nascar. Their first appearance would be at the Dover International Speedway on September 23rd where the Dover 400 Nextel Cup Series will be held.

" The Nascar Nextel Cup Series logo "

" Gorgeous looking cars "

So how do Microsoft and Nintendo advertise their console at Nascar Nextel Cup Series ? Banner ? Side Banner ? T-Shirts ? Ticket ? Apparently, they settled down for a car.

" The Wii on a Ford "

" Microsoft goes all out for its Halo 3 campaign "

If you ask me, I would say that the Halo 3's car is better than the Wii's car. I guess, Nintendo should pick a mascot rather than just the Wii itself because Microsoft did a good job with the Halo 3. I wonder if Playstation will join this bandwagon.

Mario : You are Gay !!

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Just observe this Super Mario Galaxy game's box art below :-

" Observe it carefully "

So did you see it ? Ok. Let me give a hint. Read the title and now read it again minus the letters that dont have little starry sparkle under em. Now I hope you realise that it spells "U R MR GAY". So any Mario lovers here ? You are a gay if you are playing this game !

Have you guys ever played the game Colin McRae Rally ? The latest title from the Colin McRae series is Colin McRae : DiRT that was released on June 15, 2007 for XBOX360 and PC. Back to the topic, he was killed when the Squirrel helicopter that he was piloting crashed near his family home in Jerviswood, Lanarkshire. His five years old son, Johnny, is said to be with him on board and this means that he is killed too because no survivors were found. Below are some pictures related to Colin Mcrae incase you guys don't know who or what the world is Colin Mcrae. Shame on you.

" The latest title from the Colin Mcrae series, DiRT "

" A screenshot of the game "

" The man himself wearing a Citroen Team Suit "

" Rest in peace dude ! "

Source : Autoweek