From community, here comes a new Dota tournament, the inDota Cup. The inDota Cup is a 5v5 tourney. It will take place from the 8th of June to the 11th of June.

The Tourney will eliminate the losers and the winners will advance until Semi-Finals where the best of 3 games will be chosen to pick which team will advance. The mode will be -ap draft and the version will be 6.43b. The whole tourney will be using the single elimination rules where once you lose, there is no more chance to participate. There is a limit of 64 teams who can sign-up. The first, second and third round have already been played on Friday the 8th at 20 CET, Saturday the 9th at 15 CET and Saturday the 10th at 18 CET. Quarterfinals will be played on Sunday the 10th at 15 CET. Semi-Finals will be played on Sunday at 18 CET and the Final will be played on Monday the 11th at 17 CET. Currently, the favourite teams that proceed to quarter-finals is none other than MYM.Dota and N! Faculty.

The prizes are :

Champion Team: 5 x Razer MANTIS Speed Mat Mousepads

Runner-up Team: 5 x T-shirts of their choice from Ingameshop.

For more news on the tournament, click here. For the teams that are participating, click here and for the results, click here.


  1. Azahar HMSB // June 21, 2007 at 7:35 PM  

    salam bro..nice blog...aku pun kalo leh nak buat blog simple cam ko nih..tapi banyak lagi kena blajar..:D

    bro, tumpang tanya skit..ko familiar tak ngan youtube? aku cuba nak upload file tapi file aku besar sangat (180MB)..had dia 100MB jek kan? macam mana aku nak kecikkan file aku tuh? file tuh dalam format winamp.. aku amek ngan digital camera aku..nak jadikan klip..

    harap ko leh bantu aku bro..

    thanx in advance.