" Get your copy of the original Command & Conquer before its too late !! "

I think almost everyone have played or still playing the Command & Conquer and FIFA series. Guess what ? The first series of Command & Conquer are up for grabs and YES ! It is FREE but you still need to pay your internet bill because you need to download it from their website here. This is to celebrate their 12th anniversary. Although it is an old game, its free and the game still have some value for true loyal Command & Conquer fans. To whoever who have not played the original Command & Conquer, go ahead and download it now !!

" Your favourite football/soccer game, FIFA, is up for download !! "

For football/soccer fans who are loyal to the FIFA series, their latest upcoming version, FIFA08 is up for download and its FREE too. Don't get too excited though, its just a demo version. But hey, if you are a fanatic FIFA fan, then you wont miss it for teh world except dota. Anyway to download it, just click here. Enjoy !!


  1. Anonymous // September 5, 2007 at 9:24 PM  

    thanx for the news !