GGC Malaysia : Semi Final

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Quickie : WCG 2007 Malaysia is finally over. Congrats to those who won. Will blog about it later tonite.

Here are some updates on the GGC Malaysia tournament. It has reached the semi final stage right now. So which team that qualified for the semi final ? For the first round to determine the quarter-finalist before the semi final, as usual, the 2 top teams (total of 16 teams) of each group need to defeat their opponent to qualify for the quarter-final. Cybertime`G managed to qualify after some grueling matches with PD which they won by 2-1 while W4SI on the other hand, won 2-0 againts [W.A.R]. The under dog team, XERO, again, surprised everyone by defeating PLAB. One of the members is a friend of mine and their teamwork is quite strong judging by the way they converse in game. Meanwhile, SMGP lost to MBJB with the score 2-0. eD, a quite well known online clan, will also join the qualified teams after winning 2-1 against MILK. Another quite known clan, Ks, defeated [IV] and like eD, will join the others for the quarter final. The two remaining teams that proceed to the quarter final is team NsP and aTTP. They won because their opponent, ABC and TMSTYLE lose their qualification.

Now lets talk about the quarter final that separates them. Xero, yes you bet it, won with the score 2-1 against MBJB. From some insider(s), I heard that it was a tough game for XERO but they managed to pull it off and win 2 matches. For eD, sad for them because they are fighting for a semi-final spot and the team that they need to face is non other than W4SI which are quite famous and have won some lan tournaments before. The score ended with 2-0 in favour of W4SI. It is heard that they forfeited the match due to one of their member's internet connection was so bad. Nevermind, there is always next time. Ks, who won before, managed to continue their winning streak by defeating aTTP. The last team who qualified for the semi final is Cybertime`G which they got through the quarter final with ease because team NsP lose their qualification.

So we have 4 strong teams now for the semi final which is Cybertime`G, XERO, Ks, and W4SI. The schedule is out here. A lot of people already have Cybertime`G and W4SI for the final game in their mind. Let see if XERO can upset W4SI or maybe Ks will win against Cybertime`G in the semi final. As always, time will tell.


  1. Anonymous // September 12, 2007 at 8:17 AM  

    nice write-up dude.

  2. eD|Hustler // September 19, 2007 at 4:03 AM  

    in match against w4si we forfeited due to our teammate connection was so bad


  3. Antabax // September 19, 2007 at 9:27 AM  


    alrite, thanx for the info

  4. eD|hustler // September 20, 2007 at 12:27 PM  

    the first game we were leading 9-0 then one of us dced ( he was playing at cc counter guy accidently closed his pc so lost game save file )

    had to rmk as w4si host was lagging horribly afterward

    2nd game we host but one of us keep dc and w4si said they dont have time to waste so we just ff