MMU GDC Counter-Strike 1.6 Results

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Today (Sunday) is the last day of the tournament hosted by the Game Developer's Club from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The games that are selected for the event is none other than Counter-Strike 1.6, Dota All-Stars and Fifa 08. Below is the banner for the event.

Currently, I only have the details for Counter-Strike 1.6. The Counter-Strike's Head Marshall, Arshad (neoexcaliber), is a friend of mine. Its been awhile since I've played Counter-Strike especially with the MMU students (3-4 years ?). There is about 11 teams that entered the tournament. Below are the results sorted by day 1 till day 3.

" Day 1, Friday "

" Day 2, Saturday "

" Day 3, Sunday "

Eventhough I wasn't there to spectate the matches, the final matches between wRjn and Otai is a really close fight judging by the scores they get from the matches. Otai fought all the way from the loser bracket. In order to win the Counter-Strike tournament, Otai must win 2 games while wRjn need only 1 game to win. This is because wRjn is from the winning bracket. The first match, played on de_inferno, won by Otai with the score 16-14. The second match on the other hand, was played on de_dust2 and wRjn managed to win and thus, became the overall champion. For ddM, they lost to Otai for the loser bracket's final with the score 16-10 on de_inferno.

The overall results:

1st : we R just noobiez (arshad, baha, heikal, haibo, huanyu)
2nd : Otai (prajesh, badari, izzudin, gujunyi, anas)
3rd : ddM (ferhan, kheng wee, chee yeong, zharif, imran)

"Eyes of a Gamer" would like to wish the winners congratulations and for the losers, better luck next time. Anyone who wishes to know more about the Counter-Strike tourney (brackets, schedules, results, demos) can proceed to their homepage.

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