Following the heat of Blizzard's launching of Starcraft II, SMM is holding a national Starcraft I (Broodwar) tournament this month till April.

" The official poster from SMM website "

" The venue and dates for the event according to the states "

Below are the results from the states that already held the event.

" Negeri Sembilan state "

1st : m1-cobo
2nd : m1-Timber2k7
3rd : Lee
4th : blueloo

" Pahang state "

1st : M1-Ash
2nd : Bender
3rd : Skyline
4th : 123

" Selangor state "

1st : M1-MarinE
2nd : M1-Bb
3rd : Protox
4th : Golden_compass

EOAG would like to congratulate all the winners of the state event.


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