If you take a look at the predictions here, done by PinkPriestess and eXp|Gosu, they gave their opinions about the teams participating and who will win. Its quite interesting and I decide to make my own predictions too.

MYM.Dota vs Excello
Antabax predicts: MYM without Merlini is still dominating their group and they got qualified for the first round with ease while Excello, winning 3 out of 4 games, lost to BTB, an underdog team. Overall, MYM's skill and teamwork is far better than Excello so I guess MYM is the winner here but it should be a tough match.

Hard Team vs Defective Gaming
Antabax predicts: Both teams have equal score, 3 wins and 1 lose. Its hard to tell which team is better but I recognize Hard Team better than Defective Gaming based on past matches. I will go with Hard Team for this match.

Emazing Gaming vs Red Bear
Antabax predicts: eMg, which rather have no luck at all last time, is now a better team and they just won a LAN tournament and with a win against sP, you might say that they are at their best now. Red Bear, honestly, I've never heard of them before. I rarely watch replay because my time is spent on playing Dota, Lineage, work, and blogging. So my instinct tells me that eMg will win this.

sP[Palit]Kow3 vs Ks (Malaysia)
Antabax predicts: sP is a strong team with good skills and teamwork but I got to have some national spirit here. Ks (KingSurf) is not bad at all. They just won the GCC Malaysia tournament beating some good teams such as Cybertime`G and W4SI. Their reputation here in Malaysia is quite known. So, what I can say here is good luck to Ks and may the force be with you.

Back to Basics vs SK Gaming
Antabax predicts: Although BtB records in the group stage is very impressive, 4-0, I dont think they can win against SK. Furthermore, Loda is back and if Bogdan is playing, it should be no problem for SK provided that SK dont do a lot of mistakes.

Team Q vs ieS Virtual Gaming
Antabax predicts: Team Q have a good reputation and their teamwork is getting better judging by their replays. Although ieS is quite strong, Team Q should have no problem on winning this.

Xero Skill vs Stars VD
Antabax predicts: No doubt, XsK is the better team in this match. They practice like their is no tomorrow and with a 4-0 record, it has really paid off. But, Stars VD is no doubt good and I bet they can upset XsK this time. Let see what happen, my pick is Stars VD.

Virtus.Pro vs Team hi2u
There is a clear winner here. Everyone knows that VP is one of the most powerful team for Dota. Eventhough hi2u is among the best in America, there is no doubt that they will have a hard time fighting VP. Though qualifying for the playoffs is not an easy task, hi2u did it and they deserved the credit but against VP, this is just not their league in my opinion. Let just see what happen. Its hard for VP to lose here.

Thats my prediction for the coming Playoffs. Its all based on my opinion only. Let see how many guesses I got correct. Anyway, good luck to Ks in their match against sP[Palit]Kow3.


  1. Stranger // September 26, 2007 at 8:44 AM  

    hahaha, I love your predictions !

  2. Glare // September 29, 2007 at 12:55 AM  

    eh when it going to held at Malaysia?