Isn't it cool to have a Game Career Fair here other than the normal Education/Career Fair thats been held like two to three times a year ? Well, dont expect that to happen in Malaysia but some part of this world have that kind of event. For example, the London Game Career Fair thats gonna be held at London on 23rd and 24th of October. The exact location for it (this is for those who are interested to attend the fair) is at the Old Truman Brewery which is just 10 minutes walk from Liverpool street station (on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines), and is easily reached by tube, bus or on foot. Among the sponsors for the fair is Electronic Arts (FIFA series, The Sims series) and Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto Series). Some of the exhibitors that participate in this fair is LucasArts, NCsoft, SEGA, and Team17. For more info about this event, you can click here. Below is the banner for the event.

" Simple but meaningful banner "

From their website, this fair is just the same like any other career/education fair except that it is related to games. Expect leading games industry professionals and representatives of prominent colleagues and universities to be there. It is the place to be if you are interested in gaming professions, whether you've graduated or left school, or work in a related technology or entertainment industry.

" Instead of studying with books and papers "

" You could be studying with the Playstation 3 "

Theres more than that, apparently, the Game Career Fair is one of the side event for the London Games Festival. How I wish Malaysia could have something like this. The Festival will feature a series of diverse events in different venues for different audiences. Whether you’re a gamer, a parent needing advice on games, someone working in the industry, or someone wanting to find out more about how games work and where the future of entertainment will take us, this is a festival for you.

This event is supported by London Development Agency and some of their partners is British Academy Video Games Award (BAFTA), Atari, HMV, Intel, and Ubisoft. Among the events that are gonna be held there, theres a few that is quite interesting which is the British Academy Video Games Award, 25th Annual Golden Joystick Awards, Designing & Developing Effective Serious Games Show-case, and Eyes on the Game (not Eyes of a Gamer ya). Gamers that have the chance to be there will surely have a blast. For more info, visit the website here. Before I end this, below is a trailer of the London Games Festival and it is indeed an eye-catching trailer.

Source : London Game Career Fair, London Games Festival


  1. Anonymous // September 27, 2007 at 1:38 AM  

    lets go to london guysss.

  2. Stranger // September 27, 2007 at 2:56 PM  

    thats cool man !