I hope you guys still know/play the game "Tetris". Let me refresh you a bit, it is the falling-blocks puzzle video game that has been released on a vast spectrum of platforms. It was originally designed and programmed by a Russian dude, Alexey Pajitnov.

" A screenshot of the game, "Tetris" "

Ok, so what's up with the title ? Human(s) playing the game LIVE ? Well, we all know that the Japanese can become crazy but fun in the same time. Thats why they have a lot of interesting game show produced each year. Apparently, their twisted mind managed to produce a game show loosely based on the "Tetris" game. Here comes the fun part, a box-shaped wall that contain random cut-out design will move towards a person or a group and they are expected to squeeze themself into the cut-out spot(s). If they fail, they will fall into a hole that is filled with water. Its freaking funny. You can thank me later for sharing the video below. Enjoy !