Nowadays, its hard to catch a criminal that is wanted by the police especially in the USA. In order to catch this fugitives, the police need to use out of the book tactics. This is what happen at El Paso, Texas, USA recently. A joined forces from the U.S Marshals and the El Paso State Police managed to trick about 115 fugitives to their arrests.

" The skyline view of El Paso, Texas "

So how did they do it ? What kind of method do they use that lead to the arrests ? Any particular high tech device involved ? The picture below will explain it all.

" Say hye to the XboX 360 "

The plan ? The criminals were led to believe that they actually won an XboX 360 and eventually, they will get arrested once they show up to claim their prize.

" Fernando Sucre: Aww, so there is no XboX 360 for us ?

" Scofield: Quit yapping there and help us dig the hole "

So there you go. Another handy thing that you can do with the revolutionary XboX 360. So whats next ? Maybe it can be used to garner votes for the politicians ? Well, lets just use the Playstation 3 for that. Hehehehe.

[ via GameRush ]


  1. ps3 lover // November 22, 2007 at 10:32 PM  

    bravo xbox 360, over my dead body.