Ks top 4; MYM Prime Defending 8

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Malaysian, especially the Dota Community, can be proud because our homegrown team, Ks has managed to position themself as top 4 in the on-going tournament, Meet Your Makers Prime Defending Season 8. But another Malaysian clan, Surfnet mKvL lose to Virtus.Pro. Can't blame them because Virtus.Pro is among the top Dota All-Stars clan in the world. You can see how they progress from the play-off tree below.

" The play-off stage "

Ks (Kingsurf) managed to beat Tomck.Net from Russia and BTB (Back To Basics) which have mixed players around the world. Among those two, BTB is highly rated but Ks won the game. From what I've heard, BTB was so frustrated with the game, they FFed (leave the game) around 40th minutes from the start. One of Ks members, Yamateh, has grown quite popular in the international scene. This is because, the way he played Shadow Fiend from several matches before, is considered godlike. More and more people download Ks replays to watch Yamateh's SF and also, Ks's magnificent teamwork. Let see how they will fare in the next match against the giant MYM. I'm sure Ks will have a back up plan because MYM, a very high level clan, will surely ban SF. Or maybe they will let Ks pick SF and they'll show the right way to handle SF. Time will tell.

Replays : Ks vs Tomck.Net, Ks vs Back To Basics

[ via MYM SENNHEISER Prime Defending 8 ]


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