Things are getting hot for the GGC Malaysia tourney. Before this, it was stated that CT`G lost to SMGP. After a recheck, the admins decided that CT`G won. So what happened actually ? Sadly, one CT`G member kept disconnected from the game and the match had to be reloaded from a save point. This means that, there is no replay to watch and by this, no correct assumptions can be made.

One of the CT`G members, Achilles- (ex-Wizz), commented on the issue when the admins decided to give SMGP the upper hand. He said,

" Hey, I really dun understand the match between CT`G and SMGP which we have won n send the ss (screen-shot) to the admins. 1st of all, they refuse to play on our host n keep insisting that their line is better so we played on it (SMGP's host) and they got their 1st pick which they wanted it, so we gave them watever they wan =/. We eventually played 2 games, where the first game is in da afternoon, because of the lag issue, we stop playing and postponed it to night due to the lag issue (2nd game). So, we played it at night but they wanted a re-draft (repick heroes) and we have no idea so we said ok. How wonderful is this =/ . But when 1 of our member dc-ed (disconnected), we request for a load n they insisted after 15 mins, no more loading game, cuz they already load the game before n they dunwan (dont want) to load again, so we become fed up wif the lag issue and the superb attitude and sportsmanship of the opponent, we decided to cont (continue) the game and I microed (controlled) 2 heroes which is mine n the leaver's hero. It was a close match which we won by breaking the throne but somehow, they accused us of pooling =/ and they got the win. Is there any proof or evidence of us pooling ? I really hope that the admins will look into the matter n give us a good reply. Thx. "

SMGP also gave their own view of the game. Their leader, imbaimba, wrote this,

" First, we felt delay for 3 sec n super lag when CT`G hosted the game. So we suggested our guy to host it when the void (Wizz's Faceless Void) dc-ed. He only got BattleFury, Mask of Madness, Power Thread but when they push for the 1st time, he (Faceless Void) suddenly got an EagleHorn and later, he got Butterfly + Mkb (Monkey King Bar) towards the end of the game while the Silencer item was halted (didn't buy any more items). We suspect that they bought item(s) for the leaver so we tell Ns-Hon our assumption the next day. The result was out and our team won. The winner must save the replay to Ns-Hon rite ? If u guys probably win tis match, how could the result showed that we won? ? U think Ns-hon blinkness ? (blind ? blindness ?). Anyway, we are willing to have a rematch but I suggest that Ns Hon to become the observer. Thx. "

Later on, the admins decided for the last time and gave CT`G the win. This is what imbaimba wrote about it,

" I respect the moderator decision(s). They just got the screen shot but no replay. So, we have no evidence that CT`G was pooling (1-2 players chip in to buy an item for 1 hero). By the rules, we admit defeat. Now, we just need to win Team Aeon. Thats all. Settled. "

Achilles- responded with,

" Good luck in your upcoming match then (with a smile) "

From my view, this type of problems is unavoidable. This is one of the few problems you can encounter during an online match especially for a tourney. If void really had more items since the disconnection, then it is considered pumping or pooling because from what I understand, you cant transfer gold or items. But in this case, the original controller had dc-ed. If in a public game, its normal to take the items from a dc-ed hero but giving it items can be considered pumping. Anyway, this is just my view and it is just an assumption from team SMGP that team CT`G pumped the void. In this case, both teams cant be blame and the win should go to Ct`G who had the screenshot of the game. What SMGP and the other teams can do in this type of situation is to make a screen shot of your assumptions. If you said that a hero got pumped or something, take a screenshot of that hero and it's pumper (the one who pumped him) but the best way to avoid this is to have a neutral host or observers to spectate the game. Anyway, good luck to SMGP and the rest of the teams for the remaining matches.


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