Jump as High as Super Mario

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Do you really like Super Mario eventhough he branded anyone who play the game is GAY ? Well, for those who are really a fanboy of Super Mario, you can now jump as high as Super Mario. Well, technically not but you can wear the Legacy X Super Mario shoes from Run Athletics. Its cool, its hip, and yeah its Nintendo's. Below are some pics of it.

" Behold, the Legacy X Super Mario shoe by Run Athletics "

" Only 400 pairs are available world wide ! "

" This gem will cost you about 120 USD and you will get a limited edition t-shirt free of charge "

So if anyone of you are interested on getting this shoe, proceed here and order it. Good luck on getting it because 400 is a small number for our world, the Earth. I bet you can sell this for a few thousands or more on EbaY. Not bad huh ? I will also bet that the shoe will be copied and are going to pop up on the market. It will be selling like hot cakes for sure.


  1. Anonymous // October 2, 2007 at 5:14 PM  

    no luigi ?