E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008

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On 6th of April, there was a big gaming event in Thailand called "E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008". One of the games featured is Dota All-Stars. Only 3 Asian teams were invited to the event which is Zenith from Singapore, XcN from Indonesia and KingSurf from Malaysia competing in a pool of Thailand clans.

" The official banner for the Dota All-Stars event "

Those three clans managed to reach the semi-finals. Zenith lose to XcN eventually and KS won against a Thailand clan, TRUST. KS will face XcN in the final. KS have a few matches before in other tournaments against XcN and the results are always favouring the Indonesian clan.

" The tournament chart "

Based on the chart above, you can see that the champion of the Dota All-Stars tournament in the E-Sports Thailand Championship 2008 is KingSurf !! Congratulations !! Lastly, below are some of the girls that joined the beauty competition or was it cosplay competition ? One thing for sure, they are so hot !

" Yummy red apple "

" Golden whitish elf "

" Black in white maid "

Official Site : Bangkok Interactive Game (BIG) Festival


  1. Anonymous // April 26, 2008 at 8:34 AM  

    i wonder where she bought that adorable maid costume....awww so cute i wanna wear like tht on ma bday

  2. remi // May 3, 2008 at 10:47 AM  

    hot giler awek2 tu wehh