Just came back from a trip with my family. Its been quite a hectic trip from Tuesday till Sunday. Anyway, there is a Dota All-Stars online tournament goin on with about 32 teams involved for those who still don't know about it. They are using the GGClient as a platform for them to connect to each other and play their matches. If you are clueless about this whole GGC thingy, you can read all about it here. This tournament was created and organized by my fren, Iblis and another fella that goes by the nick Ns-Hon. So far, the tourney are doing well and the first playday has started already. Iblis is quite well known in the online dota community here in Malaysia. So this first event by him could become successful easily judging by the participations from top team such as Ct`G, REV, W4SI, NSP, KS and -[V]- and also, 32 slots allocated for the tourney has been filled up. Could this be the MYM Prime replacement for us Malaysian ? Time will tell.

The prize for teh event is;
1st place : 2 months Premium Membership & 30,000 EXP
2nd place : 1 months Premium Membership & 20,000 EXP
3rd place : 10,000 EXP

The playday for the event starts on Saturday 19th August till Saturday 25th August. As a friend and supporter of the local gaming community, Eyes of a Gamer will closely follow this tournament by posting the updates, replays, matches and everything related to it. Alternatively, you can visit the GGC Malaysia Dota Tournament thread here. Stay tuned guys !


  1. MTH // August 20, 2007 at 4:25 PM  

    gogogo w4si!

  2. Anonymous // September 1, 2008 at 11:26 PM  

    new Malaysia Dota Server, http://www.mydota.org/ need pro to come, need more ppl to support another alternative server to play dota.

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