GGC Malaysia : Updates

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So far, the event has reached the third day but not all the matches have been played by the respective teams. Below are the result from playday1 till playday3.


For Group A, Cybertime G won against KMX while ATTP won againts N|B4 in Group B. The infamous W4SI on the other hand managed to defeat NSP in Group C and KS defeated PLAB in Group D.

For Group E onwards, only 3 matches were played and 2 of it is in Group E. 7-Zai won against RAGE and ABC defeated -[V]- while in Group F, MILK lost against MBJB.


For Group A to Group D, only 1 match were played and it is between KMX and SMGP where KMX lost again. So far, KMX lost 2 matches already and their chance to qualify for the next stage is low.

4 matches were played where the 2 matches comes from Group E, 1 from Group F and the last 1 from Group G. ABC won again and this time, their opponent is 7-Zai while RAGE on the other hand, lose again with the team ABC defeated at playday1, -[V]-. RAGE shares the same fate with KMX where their hope for qualifying is low. In Group F, T-A defeated MILK and eD won against [W.A.R] in group G.


In Group A, suprisingly, CT`G lose to SMGP. By winning, SMGP is at 1st place for Group A. In Group B, ATTP defeated R|P and they also top their group with 2 wins. The Johor SMM state champion, KS, also are doing well. They defeated SMKHC.DT and are sitting comfortably at 1st place with 2 wins.

For Group E, ABC wrap it up by winning against RAGE and with 3 wins and 0 losses, they are qualified for the next round. -[V]- finishes second by defeating 7-Zai and they will also proceed to the next round. For Group G, only 1 match were played that is eD against ReV. eD managed to add their tally to 2 wins while in Group H, the first match for it were played and the teams were Xero and Ga which Xero won.

That concludes the updates for playday1 to playday3 with some matches still not yet played. I hope the teams will sort their time and play their remaining games because everyday is a play day. This means that they have matches almost everyday. This will cause a lot of problems if a lot of matches still not yet played. By the way, if the replays are out, I will upload it. For more info, go to the official thread here.


  1. Anonymous // August 20, 2007 at 6:01 PM  

    who is this ABC ???

  2. Anonymous // August 23, 2007 at 5:30 AM  

    ABC is a team that consist of famous players in the scene that decide want to lay the own and have fun at the same time. GG NP