Another Day, Another Problem

written by Antabax | 8:08:00 PM | | 3 comments »

I went to eat just now (evening) with 4 of my friends at this food court in Cyber Jaya near a bus-station (bus-stop or bus-stand, whatever lah). The popular term for that place is 'terminal'. We always eat at this 1 particular shop. Being the lazy bum we all are, we managed to wait for ½ hour before we start to order our food. And the most unexpected thing happen. The shop's worker refused to take our order because we ordered 5 dishes. “Banyak sangat la, susah nieh” she said (It's too many, hard to proceed). We were like wtf ? Of all the times we had lunch or dinner there, this kind of things still can happen. #%@&^$. She said there were too many orders and if we still want to order, we need to wait for some time. But it's rare for a shop to reject a customer's order unless the ingredient needed dah habis (is not available, finish). We had no problems before especially during lunch hour where people flock there and order. But this evening, I think the most should be around 4-5 orders and still they don't want to take our orders.

The thing is, we were so frustrated because we sat just beside the shop so that we can easily order from them plus the shop is just beside the beverage stall. After that incident, we kept on waiting until some other shop's waitress walk by and we just order from her. Another 10 minutes wasted. Haih. I guess we should stop eat there, maybe for atleast 1-2 weeks because as a nice guy, I couldn't boycott the shop (hey, its near the beverage stall, duh). Nevermind lah, there must be another reason for that incident and after 1-2 weeks, it should be gone from my otak (brain) like usual.


  1. Noor Azlin Shah // June 7, 2007 at 11:26 PM  

    Erk.. I thought this blog is about games.. heheh.. Nonetheless, its still a cool blog... ganbatte!

  2. elyzajoe // June 8, 2007 at 12:51 AM  

    this is the first time i heard bout this situation..'bnyk sgtla'?no such thing okay.customer comes first as far as im concern .kinda weird..people..urghh..

  3. Sylar // June 11, 2007 at 4:01 AM  

    "4 of my friends"

    tell names la...