Dota All-Stars 6.44

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The latest version of the ever popular Dota-Allstars (Defense of the Ancients) is out now. Below is some of the changes icefrog made to the latest version.

Heroes :

* New Scourge heroes : Dark Seer, Pit Lord, and Undying

* New Sentinel heroes : Storm Spirit, Templar Assasin, and Sacred Warrior

Misc :

* Various minor terrain improvements requested for league play
* Rewrote some item manipulation code to fix some exploits

Item :

* Wards -> Reworked Observer and Sentry wards again
* Tango -> Price from 80 to 90

Cosmetics :

* World Tree -> Added a new model
* Chat messages now show hero name
* An announcement is now made when a tower is denied
* Camera now moves to the throne/tree when it dies. Added 1-2 second delay before scoreboard appears to show the death animations

Various fixes :

* Fixed the desync bug that happens when observers leave a game, causing some other players to disconnect
* Fixed a bug that caused sprout trees to sometimes respawn trapping the hero again
* Fixed Shockwave from hitting wards

Read more here.
Check heroes here.


  1. alchemist // June 5, 2007 at 11:42 PM  

    the new heroes look stupid.

  2. Anonymous // December 11, 2009 at 6:24 AM  

    Nice to meet you!!!