The first day of my practical, Monday, 4th of June, was not that bad. When I first arrive at the office, it was around 8:35 AM. I am suppose to arrive there at 8:30 AM or earlier. Luckily the boss, the one who appointed us trainees, is not around. A girl staff (Ee-Sun, software engineer) arrive shortly after and welcome me and the others to the company. My first task was to fill up the employment form (as an industrial trainee) and the Non-Disclosure Agreement form. Then after settling down at my table, another staff (Kuhan, r&d) , a guy this time, came in and greet us. We were then told to wait for Mr Aizat (system engineer) to come and brief us about the company. Later we were assign to a specific task that best match our skills. The choice was:-

  1. C-language / Embedded Visual-C / Visual C

  2. Visual-Basic / Embedded Visual-Basic

  3. Web Programming / VB Script / ASP / Java Script

It was obviously clear that I am only familiar with the option no 1 minus the embedded thingy. Later on I decided to take the challenge and choose option no 2 which I have never put my hands on before. It was claimed easy by some, so I might just have a go on it. Soon after that, our last task for the day is to format the pc and install Windows 2000 and Open-Office. We were reminded that for the first week, we need to learn/recap our task that we were assigned to because they might be a test on it this friday. Back to school I guess.